50 Unique baby boy names starting with "C"

50 UNIQUE Boy Names Starting with “C”

“C” baby names sound a bit vintage, don’t they? You can give your baby boy a bit of special glamour. Make him feel even more special with one of these unique baby boy names.

You may like a short name like Cory or Cane. There are also some ancient-sounding names that are still cool, such as Cassian, Castor or Constantine.

C names sound especially good in combination with the letter “L”, for example, Carlisle, Callum, Cullen, and Collins.

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Boy Names Starting with C:

1. Cadence – “rhythm

unique boy names that start with c

2. Cadmian – “from the east

3. Caeden – “spirit of battle

4. Cailan – “victory of people

unique boy names that start with c

5. Caine – “son of the fighter

6. Calem – “dove

7. Callum – “dove

c names for boys

8. Camren  – “crooked nose

9. Cane – “spear

10. Carden – “thistle

c names for boys

11. Carey – “black

12. Carlisle – “from the stronghold

c names for boys

13. Carmichael – “fort of Michael

14. Carsten – “follower of Christ

c names for boys

15. Carston – “follower of Christ

16. Caspian – “of the Caspian sea

17. Cassian – “hollow

18. Castiel – “shield of God

c names for boys

19. Castor – “to shine

unique c boy names

20. Cavin – “beautiful at birth

21. Cedric – “bounty

22. Chadwick – “dairy farm

23. Chasen – “to hunt”

unique c boy names

24. Chuck – “free man

25. Cinna Latin family name

26. Clarence – “bright

unique c boy names

27. Clark – “man of learning

unique c boy names

28. Claude – “lame

29. Claus – “victory of the people

30. Clinton – “of the town on the banks of the river

31. Clive – “man living near a high cliff

32. Cloyd – “of a Scottish river

33. Colden – “dark valley

unique c boy names

34. Collins – “pup

35. Colt – “young horse

36. Conan – “little wolf

boy names that start with c

37. Conor – “lover of wolfs

38. Constantine – “steadfast

39. Corbyn – “crow

40. Cormack – “charioteer

41. Cornell – “cornucopia

42. Corvin – “crow

boy names that start with c

43. Cory – “from the hollow

44. Costin – “steadfast

boy names that start with c

45. Crane – “the bird crane

46. Cray – “pure

47. Cullen – “holly tree

boy names that start with c

48. Curtiss – “polite

49. Cyan – “greenish blue color

unique boy names that start with c

50. Cyrus – “lord

unique boy names that start with c

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