types of baby monitors

27. 12. 2022
Don’t Know What Are the Different Types of Baby Monitors? Here’s a Simple Guide

It can’t be denied: Keeping children healthy and safe is the most important responsibility of a parent’s life. Therefore: A baby monitor can provide you with increased security when watching your children....

do i need a baby monitor

20. 12. 2022
Do I Need a Baby Monitor: Benefits of Annie Baby Monitor App

In the hospital, the medical staff supervises the baby’s health. But at home, the care of the baby is up to you. One way to keep an eye on your baby without worrying is with a baby monitor. Read on to find out why...

baby monitor for deaf parents

17. 12. 2022
Quick Shopping Guide on the Best Baby Monitor for Deaf Parents

It’s a fact: Any parent will find it difficult to watch over their children while they are asleep.  Even worse, there are extra challenges for parents who are partly or completely deaf. Now: For deaf parents,...

white noise apps for baby

06. 12. 2022
Quick Shopping Guide: 8 Best White Noise Apps and Toys for Baby

For parents, putting a newborn to sleep is never easy. Without proper help it is challenging and at times becomes almost, if not, impossible. That is where white noise apps and toys for baby come in. White noise apps...

nanit floor stand vs wall mount

30. 11. 2022
Product Review: Nanit Floor Stand Vs Wall Mount, Which Should You Buy?

When it comes to baby monitors: Nanit is one of the most trusted names in the world. Their baby monitor, which is connected to the Nanit mobile app, enables parents to keep an eye on their kids while they sleep. ...

when to stop using baby monitor

23. 11. 2022
Don’t Know When To Stop Using the Baby Monitor? Here’s What Experts Recommend

Are you wondering when to switch off your baby monitor for good? The truth is, there is no ‘right’ time. Some parents are happy to switch it off after 6 months, whilst others continue to use one into the school...

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