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  • Baby monitor you already have

    Soothe your baby right away. Turn your phones and tablets into perfect video baby monitor. Place one device near your baby and connect it with the other device that stays with you. And we all have phones, don’t we?

  • From parents to parents

    Sometimes the baby monitor is too bulky, sometimes they don’t even work properly. With Annie Baby Monitor app we bring you the features that we missed the most while monitoring our own children.

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  • Multi child & multi parent

    Both parents can watch their baby simultaneously on limitless number of devices. And what is more, they can monitor up to 4 children at the same time!

  • Unlimited reach

    Monitor your baby from wherever you go. Distance doesn't matter when there is Wi-Fi, 3G or LTE network available.

  • Live video

    You can see your baby anywhere, anytime thanks to full screen video in five different quality levels. Feel free to use back or front camera of your device and also the Night Light feature.

  • Apple Watch

    With iPhone-compatible Apple Watch it is so comfy to monitor a baby. You will easily see your child's activity right on your wrist while your iPhone can stay hidden in the pocket.

  • Secure connection

    The security of our little ones is our top priority. All communication between the child and the parent device is securely encrypted.

  • Battery alert

    Stay informed about the battery status on the child device. Always be alerted when the battery level drops below 10 % or individually set a value to ensure its well-timed charging.

  • Soothe your baby

    You can easily talk to your baby by pressing the mike button. The Annie Baby Monitor never lets your baby feel alone.

  • Easy to use

    Wave form and activity log right away on the home screen helps you to keep an eye on your baby. With just one glance at your phone’s display.

  • Use your old device

    Give your older device a second chance! Look after your children with those old Apple devices tucked away in a drawer.

Features overview

Features Annie Baby Monitor Classic baby monitors
NOISE ALERTS More sleep, less stress. Stay alerted when your baby wakes up Yes Yes
TALK TO YOUR BABY You can always soothe your baby remotely Yes Yes
CRYSTAL CLEAR AUDIO With super sensitive audio you can hear every breathe, every weep Yes No
UNLIMITED REACH Monitor your baby without worries of losing connection Yes No
LIVE VIDEO See your baby anywhere, anytime. With 5 different quality levels you can even save your data Yes Some
PHOTO OF YOUR CHILD Use a picture of your baby as a profile avatar Yes No
SECURE CONNECTION Your children are safe. No one else but you and your family can see them Yes No
CHARMING GRAPHICS Intuitive and family friendly design Yes No
LULLABIES We all know that songs keep children calm and help them to fall asleep Yes No
NIGHT LIGHT Because from time to time children are afraid of the dark… Yes No
MULTICHILD Are you a big family? With Annie Baby Monitor monitor up to 4 children at the same time Yes No
MULTIPARENT Both parents and other family members can watch their baby at the same time Yes No
BATTERY ALERT You will be notified when battery level of your child device drops down Yes Yes
MULTILINGUAL English? Spanish? Russian? Chinese? No problem! Yes No
PARENT UNIT FOR Mac OS X Because some parents spend a lot of time working on their desktops… Yes No

Apple Watch ready

While designing Annie app, we have taken into account the release of Apple Watch. Yes, we are ready! See for yourself in the sneak peek video.

User reviews

  • Definitely worth

    Cheaper than conventional baby monitors. And definitely worth it! Even with poor internet connection it works very well. And when the connection is interrupted, you are immediately alerted.

    - 5/5

  • Reliable baby monitor with excellent support

    It works flawlessly and is reliable as they say. If you have any problems with the app, just send in an email to developers, they respond fast.

    - 5/5

  • Amazing app

    This app is amazing, better than any other video baby monitor you could buy at the store. All you need is an iPhone or iPad that you place near your child. Works over wifi, 3g or 4G.

    - 5/5

  • Highly recommended

    As a new parent I was looking for a video monitor to use. It works great, video is available in different quality levels and audio is crystal clear. Annie simply is a great alternative to buying an expensive monitor system.

    - 5/5

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We would love to hear from you! Do you have any suggestions, requests or just want to give us feedback? You can also reach us on if you are not a fan of web forms.


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What's new

  • Barbra, Marketing Specialist


    We have joined Instagram. Follow us @babymonitorbyannie and enjoy our posts from our everyday life, parenting tips and a lot of cute babies. And don’t forget, Annie Baby Monitor is available on all three major platforms – iOS, Android, and Windows so you can combine devices across platforms to suit your family’s needs.

  • Honza, Mobile App Developer


    Annie Baby Monitor has undergone a major change! Device are connected through the cloud now to guarantee that all communication runs smoothly and safely. Try Annie Baby Monitor for free in a 30 minute trial or buy a Family Account. We appreciate your feedback!

  • Barbra, Marketing Specialist


    Annie Baby Monitor has been your reliable babysitting assistant for almost two years now and we’ve prepared a surprise for you. We’re starting our own blog at where we’ll write about parenting, baby trouble, and many baby tips to help you even more. Annie Baby Monitor is there for you in all aspects of your life.

  • Honza, Mobile App Developer


    Annie Baby Monitor is now available to Windows users and we are proud to say that Annie Baby Monitor is the first baby monitoring app available on all three major platforms – iOS, Android, and Windows. Feel free to test it out in the 30-minute trial and let us know what you think. We welcome all feedback!

  • David, Annie Head of Development


    Annie Baby Monitor is now available for devices running on Android as well as iOS! You can monitor your children on both platforms and combine the devices across them to get the best experience. Try Annie Baby Monitor for free in the 30-minute trial or purchase the Family Account. You'll find out it's definitely worth it!

  • David, Annie Head of Development


    Annie Baby Monitor runs on Mac! A brand new app for your desktop has come to the Mac App Store today. The app requires at least two devices – Child Unit and Parent Unit. For a Child Unit you will need iOS version of this app running on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. Mac OS X version is ready to be used as your Parent Unit. Please note that both version of the app are available separately! Desktop version costs $4.99 for those who have already purchased the Family Account. Try new Annie Baby Monitor for Mac and let us know. It would be nice if you could leave a positive and honest review on the Mac App Store as well. Your feedback is always welcome.

  • David, Annie Head of Development


    New and huge update of Annie Baby Monitor is online on the App Store. We implemented the most wanted feature - live streaming video! From now on it is possible to watch your baby dreaming, isn't it great? You can see your baby anywhere, anytime and thanks to full screen video in five different quality levels. With new update you can also play fairy tales, songs and lullabies to your baby and remotely control it from your Parent Unit device. We tried to play songs to our own children and we were successful not just in lulling them to sleep, but also with waking them up! Try new Annie Baby Monitor and let us know. It would be nice if you could leave a positive and honest review on the App Store as well.

  • Martin, Mobile Apps Developer


    Annie Baby Monitor officially supports Apple Watch! We always watch new trends in the world of technologies and that is why we were ready for Apple Watch in the moment of its official announcement. New update of Annie Baby Monitor with Apple Watch support has been officially released during this weekend. Why we think it is helpful to use Annie together with Apple Watch? Imagine, how incredibly easy it could be to check on your sleeping baby from a wrist. And that is exactly what new version of Annie Baby Monitor can do for you and why we developped a WatchKit app. No more groping for your phone. Check the status of all your babies, be alerted when one of your babies wakes up or tap on the screen to mute the audio. In near future, it will be possible to even watch the video of your child. All from your wrist. See it for yourself in the video, that we have prepared in advance. We hope that you will enjoy Annie Baby Monitor. Feel free to rate the app and write a review in the AppStore as well!

  • David, Head of Development


    Annie Baby Monitor - The Most Reliable Baby Monitoring App has launched AppStore today! We are glad to bring you a new baby monitoring application for iOS that supports 3G, LTE and Wi-Fi. Are you asking yourself, why is Annie Baby Monitor better than other apps? Firstly, you don't have to worry about losing connection anymore! Annie Baby Monitor guarantees fast reconnection in the case of Wi-Fi outage. Plus it is genuinely multichild and supports monitoring up to 4 children from a limitless number of parent units. Last but not least, with Annie Baby Monitor parents can take a photo of their child and use that picture as an avatar. Try Annie Baby Monitor in its trial version for free or purchase a family account for $3,99 on AppStore.

  • David, Head of Development


    We are happy to announce that version 1.0 of stunningly reliable Annie Baby Monitor for iOS devices is ready to launch in few days. Stay tuned for more info about the app features and benefits. Soon available in your AppStore!