Full-time nanny

Full-time nanny

A helping hand

Life is full of changes and surprises. Reacting to these situations is much easier when you have Annie with you. She will let you know exactly when it’s time to check on things so you always have everything under control.

Every step of the way

In a restaurant, on the beach or in your backyard, you always want to stay close to your baby. All you need is a working internet connection and Annie will take care of the rest.

The perfect
family fit


Clothes, lots of toys everywhere,… the important thing is to not forget anything. You know the deal. Packing is necessary when you’re going on vacation. With Annie, you don’t have to worry about anything else. You always have her with you, hidden in your smartphone.

family fit
Respektuje soukromí

Cares for the whole family

Are you planning a romantic dinner with your partner and grandma is babysitting? Annie allows you to add as many devices to your account as you need.
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Make her your own

Liam, Oliver, or Emma. Add your baby’s name along with their photo to the baby’s personal profile and your gran will never mistake your children again.

Coming soon

Do you have an iPhone while your partner has an Android smartphone? It doesn’t matter. Download the app to both your devices. Put one phone near the baby, keep the other one with you and enjoy your well-deserved time together.


Have you just arrived at your hotel and found out you left your baby monitors at home? You can make use of the weekly subscription. Do you like Annie? Do you want to use her every day? Change the subscription to the whole year. You are the one in charge. Do you want to try the app before you buy? No problem. Annie allows you to try the monitoring during the free trial.

Respects privacy

Respects privacy

Security comes first not only when raising children, but also when it comes to sensitive information. Annie provides security with encrypted communication and storing photos locally. Children's photos never leave your phone.

A modern family member

A modern family member

Annie has become a favorite family member all around the world in the past few years. She uses the experience for further development and improvements. Her dream is to help parents make use of the time when their baby is asleep. Let Annie help you as well!

How to use

Frequently asked questions

Annie Baby Monitor is a mobile application that helps you monitor your baby while dreaming. One device is left with your baby in order to capture the audio and other devices are kept with the parents, nanny or anyone who is currently looking after the baby. And best of all? No special equipment needed apart from your phone or tablet!

Of course, there is a free trial - 3 hours. We want you to try this app fully and to be sure this app perfectly fits your family's needs.

One license is all that you need to monitor your baby because it's connected to your account login. You can add as many devices to your account as you need.

Sure thing! The number of monitored children is not limited by Annie whatsoever. But your phone or used network may limit the app's full capabilities.

Annie Baby Monitor has unlimited range and works over Wi-Fi and mobile networks. That means you could be on the other side of the world and still see your baby falling asleep.

You will either hear a sound or your phone will vibrate when there is noise around your little one. But you can also recognize it visually. There is a different color for awake, asleep and other states shown in your list of connected devices and video preview.

The threshold is an easy way to know what goes on in the baby's room. It allows you to set a noise level for your baby and if the baby cries and the sound is above that level, the audio will automatically start playing. You may then open your monitoring screen and turn on the video too.

You can put the phone anywhere in the baby's room. Just remember to adjust the noise sensitivity to a higher number if the phone is further from the baby.

Annie allows you to monitor your babies on all iOS phones with OS 11 or newer. And don't forget the iPads, they are also supported. Just note that older devices may have performance issues, especially when monitoring more children at the same time.

Not yet. We are working on the Android version of Annie so you definitely have something to look forward too!

Well, it depends on your usage of the app, specifically your network (Wi-Fi or mobile network) and your camera resolution. If you watch your baby over the video, the data consumption is about the same as a video on Youtube. If you only want to listen, it takes about 20 kbps, just like your average radio station.

This depends on your network, the phone you use and its battery size. If you watch your baby over the video, the battery will last about the same as if you watched videos online on Youtube. Annie always let you know when the battery drops below 20 %, but we definitely recommend plugging the phone you leave with your baby into electricity.

Not yet, but this is a feature we are planning on releasing very soon.

Annie now works on mobile phones and iPads only.

Annie speaks 16 languages. English, German, Dutch, Swedish, Danish, French, Russian, Spanish, Czech, Slovak, Finnish, Italian, Norwegian, Portuguese, Japanese and Simplified Chinese.

Do you have a question not listed in the FAQ? Ask us!