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Why Annie Baby Monitor app?

Annie Baby Monitor app is trusted and used by
millions of parents worldwide!

Monitoring day and night

Always have the baby in sight - use phone as baby monitor. You can keep track of what's happening in the nursery while doing your thing.

No hardware cameras needed

Stay productive when working from home. Nanny cam app has unlimited reach and works on WiFi, 3G, 4G, 5G and LTE.

Travel baby monitor

You don't need to pack hardware baby monitors - use Annie baby monitor app on your smartphone, tablet or Apple watch.

This mobile app will help you monitor your sleeping baby. All you need is 2 devices and an internet connection. Stay close to your baby wherever you are.

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How do you use Annie baby monitor?

How it works

Install the app

Prepare at least 2 devices, and install the Annie baby monitor app on each of them, before you begin. Open the app.

How it works

Pair your devices

Create code and scan QR code or enter the code manually. Log in to both devices with the same account.

How it works

Start monitoring

Use any device as a baby monitor and enjoy monitoring in less than 10 seconds.


How can Annie Baby Monitor app enhance parenting?

Live stream HD video

Parents can check in on their kids from anywhere, only an internet connection is needed. The best baby monitor app makes the process as smooth as possible.

Two-way video and audio
Lullabies and white noise
Motion detection
Night vision
.Audio activity chart
Audio and video recording
Multi-child & multi-parent
Picture in picture
Battery alert
Secure & reliable

All your devices.
One thrilling experience

iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple Watch & All Android Devices, ONVIF and HomeKit.
Try Annie baby monitor free for 3 days.

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User reviews


I have been using this baby monitor since 2019 and I can honestly say it’s been a lifesaver. If I’m anywhere out of the house I have the ability to monitor both my babies sleeping on my phone. Thank you for your great work developers!

Lisa T.
The best baby monitor app for android

The biggest advantage here is that no matter where you are you can monitor your baby because it works thru internet connection. I love the night vision the most because now I have an overview of my baby at night too and I don't wake up him with harsh light. Also we love motion detection, now I can calm my baby before he wakes up. The best baby monitor app for me!

Count R.
Baby monitor app iPhone - helps me!

Wow, such a great helper and reliable baby monitor. I use Annie for couple of weeks and I can not say anything bad about it. What I like most is that I can leave older iPhone in the charger and connect to it anytime. It’s always ready to monitor like usual baby monitor.

Mike S.
So handy app

We have a full monitor set up in the baby room, but when the boy comes into bed with us, it’s so nice to have a solution that is easy to set up on the fly. Will look forward to traveling with this. Thanks!

Hayley M.
A+ in every aspect. Well done!

Works great! Love it! Originally purchased when in a pinch late at night as a security cam to protect $15k of toys, tools and equipment in an unattached garage at my home after I happened to interrupt some thieves breaking in. Liked it so much I bought a year of service and it’s notified me handful of times to potential thieves trying to take my stuff (extremely high crime area). Also have used to give me advanced notification for when expected (or unexpected) visitors arrive. Used frequently for almost a year now w/ only a minor issue and to remedy the situation I had to close app on both devices and relaunch (which may not have been the app and could be the connection with the internet provider, cell provider or the old iPhone SE or the brand new latest iPhone I was using). Highly recommend.

Aarons A.
Really helpful

I found out about this application from my parents. They are very loving grandparents to my kids so they are always trying to find some new way how to be better in grand-parenting. It honestly surprised me how easily they came along with this application. I would never think it’s gonna be them explaining to me how to use cell phone app! Not mentioning the convenience of it while the kids are asleep. Did I mention I have twins and they are always chatting in their beds? Even though they are not small babies anymore, it’s always handy to keep and eye on my little cheeky monkeys.

David T.
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“But where to find that free time for yourself? Annie Baby Monitor can be a great help besides other family members. You may think: “How does a baby monitor help me?” Actually, a lot.”

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Use phone as baby monitor

„I downloaded the Annie app and I can see baby Luca from anywhere. This app notifies you if you get motion or sound.“


The opportunity to become more independent

“With Annie Baby Monitor babysitting is much easier. All you need for this is two convenient devices like I have two iPhones. It can also be a tablet or something else.”


Baby monitor app for Android and iPhone

“Control is very simple and you can always see if your baby is sleeping or what acrobatics he is doing in the crib.”


Every mom‘s dream

“I synchronized the phone with the tablet and now the child is under supervision 👌🏻 And you can immediately see when he fell asleep and when he woke up 👍🏻”

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