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50 Unique Baby Girl Names Starting with the Letter

50 UNIQUE Baby Girl Names Starting with “A”

June 18, 2019 6:00 am

Published by Jessica


Every mom knows her little princess is special. So why not give her a unique name? We have prepared a list of 50 unique baby girl names starting with “a”. So she will always remember she is one of a kind. Which one is your favorite?

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Girl Names Starting with A:

1. Abia – “my father is Lord”

2. Abriella – “pillar of strength derived from God”

3. Acadia – “idyllic place”

4. Acela – “a flower of the Lord”

5. Adalee – “God is my shelter”

6. Adalena – “noble kind”

7. Adria – “from the Adriatic sea region”

8. Adriane – “dark”

9. Aela – “angel, messenger”

10. Aelin – “strong, clever and proud”

11. Aerin – “enlightened”

12. Agnieszka – “pure, chaste”

13. Aiko – “beloved child”

14. Aine – “brightness, splendor”

15. Airene – “peace”

16. Airis – “Iris flower, goddess of rainbows”

17. Aisla – “island”

18. Aislinn – “dream”

19. Akayla – “pure”

20. Alaine – “little rock”

21. Alarice – “noble ruler”

22. Alaysha – “noble one”

23. Aleece – “of the nobility”

24. Aleia – “heavenly child”

25. Aleksandrya – “defender of mankind”

26. Alina – “beautiful”

27. Alleigh – “wood, clearing, meadow”

28. Allura – “to attract”

29. Allyn – “beautiful”

30. Alys – “noble”

31. Amelie – “hardworking”

32. Amia – “beloved”

33. Amica – “loved friend”

34. Amory – “brave, powerful”

35. Anaiah – “answer of God”

36. Anaïs – “grace”

37. Aneth – “grace”

38. Andora – “strong, powerful”

39. Aneissa – “grace”

40. Anica – “grace”

41. Anka – “grace”

42. Annabeth – “grace”

43. Annette – “grace”

44. Antonella – “priceless”

45. Arica – “ruler”

46. Ariella – “lion of God”

47. Asja – “the risen one”

48. Asuka – “fragrance”

49. Aurelia – “golden”

50. Azzurra – “sky blue”


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