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40 UNIQUE Baby Girl Names Starting with “V” and “W”

Do you like girl names starting with letters V and W? Would you like to give one to your little princess?

What about a nature-related name like Willow or Winter? And did you know that Venus and Vesta are names of goddesses from various mythologies? Or would you prefer a name with European origins like Valentina or Vasilisa?

Choose your favorite from the list. Or check out our new app full of baby names!

More Unique Baby Names:

girl names starting with V

Girl names starting with V and W:

1. Val

2. Valdine

3. Valencia

4. Valentina

5. Valery

girl names starting with V - Valery

6. Valina

7. Valkyrie

8. Vasilisa

9. Vayla

10. Vela

11. Velina

12. Velvet

13. Venezia

14. Venice

girl names starting with V - Venice

15. Venus

16. Verena

17. Verica

18. Verity

girl names starting with V - Verity

19. Verily

20. Verlene

21. Verona

22. Vesta

23. Victory

24. Vierra

25. Violetta

26. Virginia

27. Vivian

girl names starting with V, unique girl names, baby girl names

28. Waleria

29. Wallis

30. Waverly

31. Wendi

32. Wesley

33. Whitney

34. Wilhemina

35. Willow

girl names starting with W, unique girl names, baby girl names

36. Winn

37. Winry

38. Winter

39. Wren

40. Wynona


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