Baby Naming: How to Choose a Perfect Name for Your Baby


Every future parent is dealing with naming of their future offspring. Choosing a name can be pretty tricky. Someone has chosen the baby’s name a long time ago, other couples have been thinking about their baby’s name for months, even until the last moment – until birth. Some couples, on the other hand, cannot agree because everyone wants to name the offspring differently.

Choosing a name is a responsible task and parents should not underestimate it. Let’s think carefully about how to choose your baby’s name.

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Things you should consider:

  • Surname (Length and Pronunciation)
  • Nationality – ethnicity
  • Name meaning
  • Originality
  • Name trends – traditional names
  • Diminutive of the name – nicknames


Last name and the first name are inseparable buddies. It is just natural you should think about their compatibility. Linguists recommend that we focus on name length and pronunciation when choosing.

Name length:

For the longer surname, it is advisable to add the shorter first name (e.g. John Rutherford). On the other hand, if your surname is really short, you can choose a longer first name (e.g. Vanessa Ray). It definitely sounds better than Christopher Schwarzenegger (too long) or Ana Ray (too short). The problem of short names is mainly their convertibility.


Pronunciation experts recommend that we avoid adding a first name that ends with the first letter of the last name (e.g. Jessica Almee). Remember, your baby’s name should not be a tongue twister. Try to say the chosen name out loud. Does it sound ok? Perfect!

Nationality or ethnicity

One of the many sources of inspiration is ethnicity (American, British, Spanish, etc.) or its historical associations (a writer, a scientist, etc.). Click HERE and read more about the gorgeous bilingual names for girls!

Name meaning

Parents often choose a name based on what it expresses or means. In this case, they say that the name determines the nature of the child. Some parents are interested in the linguistic origin and meaning of the chosen name, others do not consider it important. For example, the name Harry means Army Ruler or the name Natalia means Born On Christmas Day.

Name trends

The choice of name is linked to recent trends, popularity and their frequent occurrence in a certain period. Each era had its “best” names. If you do not wish to experiment with names, traditional names will please you and your family members. They have a certain neutral undertone.


Parents want to emphasize the individuality of their child, to emphasize that their child is unique that it is not so easy to find a child who would be similar. There’s nothing wrong with an uncommon original name.

Ideas for names:

Family tradition

The influence of the family on the choice of name is definitely a significant factor. To honor some family member, parents often name their baby after their parents or grandparents. Classic names don’t have to be boring! Click here to find more about vintage names.

Diminutive of the name – possible nicknames

When choosing names, you should consider options that the name offers, how to change, modify, embellish, or soften it. Parents think about what children will call him/her at school, etc. Try to imagine addressing in different situations. Is the name (or one of its variants) suitable for a baby, a small child, a young person even for an adult?

Still can’t decide? Don’t worry!

We are preparing a step-by-step tutorial on how to choose a perfect name. Stay tuned for baby naming tips! And remember, you can take up to a month to choose a name after birth.

Ideas for names:


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