02. 07. 2024
Which Baby Monitors Cannot Be Hacked?

All internet-connected devices can be hacked, which means some baby monitors are also at risk of being hacked. A baby monitor is a safety device designed to keep infants safe. But now, many hackers can easily...

26. 06. 2024
Understanding the Safety of Baby Monitors: Security Measures and Risks Explained

When choosing baby monitor, you might start thinking if can baby monitors be hacked. Baby monitors are an indispensable part of a essential gear for the baby,...

Baby Monitor Stand

11. 06. 2024
Maximizing Baby Monitoring with the Best Baby Monitor Stand of 2024

With the increasing interest in baby monitor apps, the importance of a baby monitor stand can’t be underestimated. The right phone holder is essential for capturing stable real-time video, detecting...

28. 05. 2024
Baby Milestones By Month (Age 0-12m): Tips to Help and Guide You

Delve into what you can expect month-by-month in your baby’s first year. From reflexes that’ll slowly fade as they grow to the skills they’ll acquire to the first steps, we’ve got it all covered....

19. 04. 2024
Baby Alerts: Sound Detection and Motion Detection

It’s super important to have a baby monitor that alerts you to sound (cry) and motion detection. Baby alerts ensure your baby’s safety by letting you know if any sound, cry or movement is...

18. 04. 2024
Picture in Picture Baby Monitor: What Is PiP Mode on a Baby Monitor

What is pip mode on a baby monitor? “Pip mode” on a baby monitor means Picture-in-Picture mode. With this mode, you can look after your baby while doing other stuff on your phone’s screen. ...

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