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girl names starting with C

50 UNIQUE Baby Girl Names Starting with “C”

December 3, 2019 8:00 am

Published by Jessica


And we are back with another letter of the alphabet. In this article we are taking a look at girl names starting with C. This list will give you some inspiration for unique and unusual names for your little baby girl.

There is plenty to choose from. Do you prefer cute short names like Cali, Cyra, or Caia? Or would you like something elegant and regal like Callisto, Cassiopeia, and Camellia? Our personal favorites being Carina, Cressida, and Cheryl.

Choose your favorite in the list below. Or check out our new app full of baby names!


More Unique Baby Names:

girl names starting with C

Girl Names Starting with C:

1. Cady

2. Caia

3. Cailyn

4. Caina

5. Cait

6. Calais

7. Cali

8. Calla

girl names starting with C

9. Calliope

10. Callisto

11. Calypso

12. Camberlie

13. Camellia

14. Cameryn

girl names starting with C

15. Camilla

16. Cammy

girl names starting with C

17. Cana

18. Candace

19. Cara

20. Carey

21. Carina

22. Carleigh

23. Carlene

girl names starting with C

24. Carma

25. Carmina

26. Casey

27. Cassie

28. Cassiopeia

29. Catana

30. Cath

31. Celaena

32. Celesta

33. Celia

34. Ceridwen

35. Chantal

girl names starting with C

36. Charity

37. Charmaine

38. Cherie

39. Cheryl

40. Christa

41. Cierra

42. Clarissa

43. Clarke

44. Clary

45. Cleo

girl names starting with C

46. Coleen

47. Colette

48. Coraline

49. Cressida

50. Cyra


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girl names starting with C


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