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Baby’s Development – 11th Month

March 29, 2022 3:30 am

Published by Dominika


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If you found last month challenging, get ready for a heavy test on the eleventh. As your child begins to move, the probability of something will be destroyed or broken increases.

You need to prevent danger, look after the child and at the same time let him strengthen and improve his physical skills. But it’s up to you. Create the safest possible conditions for your child at home.

Rebuild the room where you spend most of your time. Clean up what could child break or overturn. And clean up, especially, things that could hurt him. Check the flowers in the living room for poisonous ones and provide table with table covers.

Do you have a staircase at home? Install there a stair barrier. Does your child open kitchen drawers? Secure them with special plugs to prevent from doing so.

Don’t forget the power plugs, you better secure them too. The child at this age pokes his fingers into everything, examines everything and really does not yet have enough sense to realize the potential danger.

Also think of washing powders, dishwashing detergents, or other chemicals. And you better cook on the back hobs – never leave the hot food in the pot on the edge of the stove. The child could overthrow it on self.

The child in this period is characterized mainly by a huge imagination and a desire to imitate. Everything and anything. The child will try to repeat what you do. If you’re cooking, he’ll want to do it too. If you’re dusting, he‘ll want to give it a try too. And the child will want to help you clean things up. Children at 11 months imitate activities and words.

During this period, it is appropriate to spend time with the child by holding objects and saying what it is so that the child repeats it after you.

Your child will probably enjoy it but don’t expect him to learn to talk. The first words come slowly, although understanding them is quick. Your child must first listen and learn to understand everything.

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Physical development

Most children can stand for a long time with support and walk around the furniture.

The child can climb to an elevated area of ​​20 cm (for example, on a stair).

Most of the children is able to stand alone for a while and some of them are already walk wobbly with their legs spread wide.

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The child is able to grab small objects between the thumb and forefinger.

The incisors, which grew up around half a year, will be joined by additional teeth –  lateral incisors and canines.

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Mental development

The child understands praise and rebuke. But if you want to punish the child, then the condition is an emotional relationship – it means that the child must know that you love him.

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As we have already mentioned, the child tries to imitate everything he sees, which is important for the adoption of basic social habits.

A degree of understanding develops, a child to whom you talk a lot. The child can usually obey simple orders such as: bring your shoes, hand me a newspaper or come with me. When he completes the task, praise him.

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Social development

The child can already communicate and shows what he feels and what he refuses.

The child builds his vocabulary by reading to him and reciting the names of things.

The child points to the things he wants (he soon finds out it’s a very effective way). But that doesn’t mean you should always please your child. You also have to teach him that he can get it by self – of course, if it is possible.

The child has favorite syllables, which he repeats over and over again. Therefore, this period is suitable for Nursery Rhymes.

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This will be useful for you in the 11-month of the baby:


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