Annie Baby Monitor is a mobile application that helps you monitor your baby while dreaming. One device is left with your baby in order to capture the audio and other devices are kept with the parents, nanny or anyone who is currently looking after the baby. And best of all? No special equipment needed apart from your phone or tablet!

It is not necessary to place the child device too close to your baby. Nowadays microphones are designed to receive audio even over a longer distance. So about 2 metres / 7 feet is OK.

You will either hear a sound or your phone will vibrate when there is noise around your little one. But you can also recognize it visually. There is a different color for awake, asleep and other states shown in your list of connected devices and video preview.

The Annie Baby Monitor works seamlessly on operating system iOS (14 or later) and Android (8 or later).

Sure, feel free to use any devices in any combinations listed above (iPhone + iPhone, Android + Android, Android + iPhone). In order to ensure that the Annie Baby Monitor works properly, make sure that child unit device is plugged into the power source.

Make sure both devices are online. Make sure both devices use the latest app version. On 1st device click CREATE CODE and on 2nd one ENTER CODE. Change you internet network WiFi/LTE if your devices can’t pair or use user registration for cloud feature.

1. using PAIRING. Use big plus down the main screen or in device setting on 1st device. This will generate the CODE for you. On 2nd device just click on ENTER CODE on the main start page. This will pair 2nd device to your account.
2. using LOGIN. You have existing account with valid login and password. On 2nd device on the main start page go to login and enter your login and password. This will log-in your 2nd device to you account.

You can use as many devices as you want for a single-family account. You purchase the application on the first device and create a family account. Afterwards you use the same login/password on any other family device or you can pair them by code.

Yes, the Annie Baby Monitor app supports multi-child mode as well as multi-parent mode. The number of parent and child units is unlimited. Not only you or your partner can keep an eye on your baby. With the Annie Baby Monitor even grandparents, siblings or nannies can be in touch with your baby simultaneously.

The monitoring process is not running on the phone. The watch can monitor other children than the phone, or you can monitor your phone with your watch. For now, however, without sound.

You can use ONVIF cameras now instead of iOS/Android child unit. HomeKit cameras will come in Q1 2021. IP cameras will come in 2nd half 2021.

On the main lading page go to settings -> cameras. Use big + on the right upper corner. Search for the camera or add it manually. Follow the instructions.

Check your router and internet connection. Make sure both devices are online. Make sure both devices use the latest app version. Make sure close all your background programs to release free resources of your device. The app can just stuck so try to close/kill Annie app by swipe out and start it again. If the issue is network stability related just reboot your router and check for the internet connection. If its not stable, switch both units to 3G, 4G, 5G or LTE.

The standard battery consumption for iOS devices is 4 % per hour. You will be notified when the battery level on the child device drops below 10 % or an individually set value so you won’t have to worry.

Go to settings -> account. Scroll down and tap link “delete the account”. Notice: account delete doesn’t stop your recurring subscription, you have to cancel it with Apple/Google/PayPal.

For users of the iOS version:
Go to the App Store -> Click on your details (right corner) -> Click on your Apple ID -> “Subscriptions”. Tap a subscription of Annie Baby Monitor and then tap “Cancel Subscription”.

For users of Android version:
On your Android phone or tablet, open the Google Play Store (check to make sure you’re signed to the correct Google Account). Tap „Menu“ (your icon / profile photo in upper right corner), then tap „Payments and Subscriptions“ and choose „Subscriptions“. Select Annie Baby Monitor app, tap „Cancel subscription“ and follow the instructions.

For refunds, you have to contact Apple or Google support. They charge you directly and we do not have any access to their systems. We can just see sale’s volume anonymously.
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