What is the Annie Baby Monitor?

Annie Baby Monitor is a mobile application that helps you monitor your baby while dreaming. One device is left with your baby in order to capture the audio and other devices are kept with the parents, nanny or anyone who is currently looking after the baby. And best of all? No special equipment needed apart from your phone or tablet!

How far away from the baby can I go and still see and hear everything?

Annie Baby Monitor has unlimited range and works over Wi-Fi and mobile networks. That means you could be on the other side of the world and still see your baby falling asleep.

Can I try Annie Baby Monitor for free?

Of course, there is a free trial. We want you to try this app fully and to be sure this app perfectly fits your family's needs.

Can I monitor more than one child?

Sure thing! The number of monitored children is not limited by Annie whatsoever. But your phone or used network may limit the app's full capabilities.

How do I find out that my child is awake?

You will either hear a sound or your phone will vibrate when there is noise around your little one. But you can also recognize it visually. There is a different color for awake, asleep and other states shown in your list of connected devices and video preview.

How does the threshold work?

The threshold is an easy way to know what goes on in the baby's room. It allows you to set a noise level for your baby and if the baby cries and the sound is above that level, the audio will automatically start playing. You may then open your monitoring screen and turn on the video too.

How far away from my child can the phone be?

You can put the phone anywhere in the baby's room. Just remember to adjust the noise sensitivity to a higher number if the phone is further from the baby.

How much data does Annie consume?

Well, it depends on your usage of the app, specifically your network (Wi-Fi or mobile network) and your camera resolution. If you watch your baby over the video, the data consumption is about the same as a video on Youtube. If you only want to listen, it takes about 20 kbps, just like your average radio station.

How long will the battery last while monitoring?

This depends on your network, the phone you use and its battery size. If you watch your baby over the video, the battery will last about the same as if you watched videos online on Youtube. Annie always let you know when the battery drops below 20 %, but we definitely recommend plugging the phone you leave with your baby into electricity.

How do I prevent sound echo when the devices are close to each other?

That's easy, just turn off the app on your device while you're close to the device monitoring your baby.

How do I mute the app without stopping the monitoring?

Right now is not possible to fully mute the app, only to lower its noise sensitivity.

My baby seems to be awake on the app, but actually is sleeping, how is that possible?

Annie makes decisions about the baby crying based on the level of noise in the room. If your baby seems to be awake on your phone but is actually sleeping, try to change the noise sensitivity to a lower number on the home screen of the app. Maybe it will take a little while until you find the perfect values for your home conditions.

Do I have to buy the Annie subscription again?

You only need one valid subscription to use the app. If you purchased your subscription in the past, you can manage it in your phone settings. In case of any problems, contact our support with a description of your issue and provide a payment confirmation.

I can't log in, it says I have the wrong password!

The best thing to do is to reset your password. You might just happen to be one of our old users whose account had outdated password encryption. We can't change your password for you so we had to enforce a password change.