Baby’s Development – 10 Month Old Milestones

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In the last quarter of the first year, the child is already quite independent. He/she can climb and get on and off the sofa. You have to pay more attention to consistent accident prevention in all its activities!

By the 10th month of life, the child can stand by the furniture and walk around it, holding it tight. Great progress can also be seen in the development of gentle hand movements that reflect the child’s level of intellectual activity and growing experience. The child likes to grip small objects (threads, grains) with fine, so-called tweezers grip – the end of the thumb and forefinger.

Object manipulations allow the child to gain physical experience with objects – for example, that there are lighter and heavier objects, that objects fall to the ground, and that the cubes must be placed exactly on top of each other so that the tower does not fall.

💡 TIP: Games to support the development of motor skills.

The child also develops geometric skills – for example, a smaller cube can be placed in a larger one, but on the contrary, it is not possible.

In the 10th month of a child’s life, there is also a significant development of speech. By the end of the 12th month of age, the passive understanding of speech will develop so that the child led to it will understand everything when talking about familiar everyday situations. On average in the 10th-11th month baby will say his first real word.

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Emotions develop along with the whole personality. The child shows his love to his mother – he/she comes to caress her, to hug her, to give her a kiss.

💡 TIP: Games to support intellectual development.

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Development of motor skills

To improve climbing and walking, play games with the child, which you have played with him in the past period – Games to support the development of motor skills.

First steps

The first step appears as early as 9-10th months of the child, but usually around the first year.

Developing active speech: Talking about a picture

You show the child the picture and encourage him to mark it with a word. If he /she does it correctly, he /she deserves great praise. When working with pictures, you should not show a child picture of something he/she does not know.

In the last quarter of a child’s first year of life, when showing pictures, also describe simple activities and relationships, such as “here is a dog who barks haf-haf and jumps hop-hop”.

Developing emotions and social relationships

Love, comfort and abundance should not become a matter of course. The child should realize that things depend on his behavior – if he/she does not behave in a certain way, then many pleasant aspects of life will disappear. Unhealthy, absolute security is created by extremely kind parents who endure and forgive everything and who cannot disable anything. The child then takes their love and gifts for granted, demands more and more and returns less and less.

💡 TIP: How To Effectively Praise Your Kids

Creating the habit of sharing with others

In order for a child to learn to share things, it is necessary to teach him. The mother sometimes asks the child to give her favorite toy to the father. The father plays with her for a while and then returns it to the child. Use also opportunities with unknown people – for example, in the park a child will lend his toy to another child. Another way to teach sharing is to share a favorite food. If the child gets a favorite food, ask him to give a bite to you/someone else.

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