When Will My Baby WALK

Whether your toddler is ass-sliding on the ground or staggering on feet, he/she will soon take his first step. How it will happen?

Some babies take their first steps as early as nine months of their life comes, while others climb happily till 18 months of age. On average, most babies start walking between 13 and 15 months of age.

Each child must first strengthen their muscles sufficiently and only then will they usually try to take the first steps. Many children start with crawling first, from which they switch to climbing on all fours. After then does the time usually comes when the child stands up and starts to walk around various objects, for example around furniture, etc. Then it is time for standing without holding.

The walk takes place in stages. Your baby will probably start pulling up by the furniture first. As soon as he/she manages to do so, he/she begins to move upright while continuing to hold on to the furniture. At this stage, the toddler may be able to let go and remain unsupported. Eventually, he/she lets go and takes his first steps without support.

Between the 11th and 12th month, most toddlers stand up and begin to learn how to sit and bow for a toy. With your help, your child can try to take the first steps.

How to Support Baby to Walk?

You can help your baby practice walking skills. You can:

  • hold the toddler’s hands, gently pull up and encourage to “walk” with the holding.
  • help the toddler to lean on the edge of a low piece of furniture to keep himself standing upright.
  • entice a child to come and grab a favorite toy – this activity encourage many children to take the first steps.
  • play different games that force the child to move – the baby will soon find out that it is easier and faster to walk by feet.

If the child has already taken the first steps, try to get used to the baby to walk in different conditions than just on a flat floor – sidewalk grass, sand, snow, etc.

💡 TIP: Games for Babies that help the development of the child – first steps games.

What to Look Out for When Your Baby Starts Walking?

The moment your child starts walking is a wonderful experience for every parent.

But you need to be prepared for this moment. As soon as your child starts walking, he/she will start immediately to examine everything. Keep all sharp, dangerous, fragile, and valuable items out of the reach of your child.

Beware of heavy objects that could the child pull down on self. Secure all electrical outlets and the stove. Install stair barrier on all stairs. Get the sharp edge and corner protectors. Also, beware of light or unstable pieces of furniture that can easily overturn.

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When to Put the Baby’s First Shoes On?

Your child has taken the first steps and you are already wondering what shoes to buy?

As long as the child just climbs, stands up, or walks around the furniture, he/she doesn’t need shoes, and even they would also interfere a lot and avert him/her from moving properly.

Barefoot walking supports the feet, ankles, and leg muscles.

Buy the first shoes only when the child walks completely independently. Until then, you can put anti-slip socks on his/hers feet.

When you buy your child’s first shoes out, choose quality shoes that are safe and do not damage the foot.

The shoes must fit well on the foot. Be wide enough, especially in the toes, and do not push the foot unnecessarily.

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