Baby’s Development – 12 Month Milestones

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The child’s first year is approaching. A child approaching his first year is no longer considered a defenseless creature who cannot do anything. The exact opposite is true. As you probably know, this little creature is capable of almost anything. He explores everything, discovers everything, likes to make a mess, but also wants to clean.

The child already has most baby teeth by this month of life. He stays upright, sits and begins to walk, understands you, and uses the first words. He eats adult food. And he has his own head to enforce his own.

If everything goes as it should, your child will still climb somewhere, overcome obstacles, and “monkeyafter you. You will be his role model, so don’t forget that. But he will also demand what he wants and will insist on it. Stubbornly, he will reject what he does not like, and you will have no choice but to let him try it himself.

By this period, the child knows very well who Dad is when he leaves work and looks forward to playing with him. He knows very well that the world is masculine and feminine and that a mom is not the same as a dad. He also needs his own space – if your child has not yet had his own crib, it is time to think about it.

Over time, his personality shows. The end of the first year of life is marked by independent walking; however, not every child really starts walking on their own. Some will “run away,” and others will wait a few more months. Those children who are already walking usually do it still gropingly and insecurely. You have to hold them or catch them so that they do not fall.

💡 TIP: When Will My Baby WALK?

Physical Development

The child gets up and can stand. Most children can stand independently, and some can walk around the furniture.

The certainty of walking is better. The child can let go of one hand for a while and reaches for the toy with the other.

The grip of the child is more certain and softer. He can even pick up small objects with his thumb and forefinger.

Some children can stretch their arms and legs when you ask them to, for example, when dressing. They will also bring you various items and toys.

Mental Development

At this age, the child usually understands the meaning of the word “no” and uses it quite often. He knows the difference between what is good and allowed and what is not allowed. But he, either way, does what is not allowed – he is trying.

He is aware of himself and distinguishes the household members, but the mother is still the most important person.

He can understand a simple command and sometimes does what you ask for.

The child is curious, wants to explore everything, is able to recognize familiar people and animals at six meters, and will even greet them.

Social Development

He can’t express himself verbally, but he babbles for himself and at you and makes a lot of speech sounds.

If he hasn’t said the first word yet, he’ll probably do it soon. He says “mom” and “dad,” knowing the content of the terms.

💡 TIP: When Will My Baby TALK

He waves to greet you, relatives, and friends.

Some children suffer from shyness at this age. The child is not yet ready to make friends. Don’t force him.

The child will not want to share toys. He perceives other children as objects, not as human beings. But when he kicks or bites someone, step in and explain why he can’t do it.

In the 12 month milestones, children can be able:

Creating an emotional bond with some “calming” object, such as a stuffed animal or a favorite blanket – the child is looking for a way to calm himself down.

Explore the world in a safe environment away from parents; the child’s self-confidence grows.

Start walking independently without support.

Scribble on the paper.

Upon request to be able to point to a certain picture (animal, thing, etc.) in the book.

Start imitating the sounds of animals.

Start brushing teeth on own.

Remember that each baby is unique and develops at its own pace. Therefore, do not worry. If your baby does not do all these skills, sooner or later, it will definitely happen.

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