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Maximizing Baby Monitoring with the Best Baby Monitor Stand of 2024

With the increasing interest in baby monitor apps, the importance of a baby monitor stand can’t be underestimated. The right phone holder is essential for capturing stable real-time video, detecting movement, or even taking automatic recordings. 

However, with the many options available today, choosing the right one can take time and effort. 

So, we’ve rounded up a complete list of top-notch baby monitor stands that excel in design, functionality, and durability.

Rating Summary

ProductTypeCustomer RatingsPrice
UBeesize 62″ Phone TripodTripod4.6$19.71
SAMHOUSING Ipad Tripod StandTripod4.4$16.19
UBeesize Premium Flexible Phone TripodTripod4.4$13.46
ITART Long Arms Gooseneck Clip Clamp Phone HolderClip Stand3.5$9.99
Lamicall Tablet and Phone HolderClip Stand4.1$27.99
iTODOS Wall Mount Phone HolderWall Mount Holder4.0$12.99
Lucrave Phone and Tablet Wall Mount HolderWall Mount Holder5$29.99
AceTaken 2in1 Phone HolderWall Mount Holder4.3$12.99

What Are the Best Baby Monitor Stand for 2024?

Before you check out the baby monitor stand reviews, we’ve categorized our selection into three main sections:

This way, you can easily choose the type of baby monitor stand you need for your phone.


UBeesize 62″ Phone Tripod

Key Features:

  • Made of aluminium.
  • Fully adjustable — 180° neck rotation and 360° head rotation.
  • Extra long for more possibility — Extendable from 17.0 inches to 92.0 inches

Compatible Devices: iPhone, Gopro, Camera, Android.

⭐ Customer Ratings: 4.6

💸 Price: $19.71

🛒 Buy HERE

SAMHOUSING Ipad Tripod Stand

Key Features:

  • Made of solid aluminium alloy.
  • Fully adjustable — 2 ball joints and 360° rotatable.
  • Extra long for more possibility — Extendable from 16.7 inches to 65 inches.

Compatible Devices: iPad, iPhone, Galaxy Tab, Fire, N- Switch.

Customer Ratings: 4.4

💸 Price: $16.19

🛒 Buy HERE

UBeesize Premium Flexible Phone Tripod

Key Features:

  • Made of metal and rubber.
  • A high grade metal ball joint supports phone/camera up to 1kg.
  • Flexible octopus style legs — Special legs that can be wrapped around the crib.
  • The non-slip feet design keeps this adjustable tripod steady on every surface.
  • Adjustable — 360° rotatable.
  • Extendable from 10.6 inches to 28.3 inches.

Compatible Devices: iPhone, iPhone X, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6S Plus, iPhone 6.

⭐ Customer Ratings: 4.4

💸 Price: $13.46

🛒 Buy HERE

Clip Stands

ITART Long Arms Gooseneck Clip Clamp Phone Holder

Key Features:

  • Made of heavy duty metal, quality plastic, and anti-slip farm.
  • The bendable arm is 20 inches in length.
  • The hard metal stand can clamp down on any surface up to 1.5 inches thick.
  • The long arm is flexible and adjustable. For easily bending and twisting the long arm to ideal position. Bend the arm to “S” or “Z “or “3” shape when you use it with your devices to avoid holder shaking or falling down.

Compatible Devices: Samsung galaxy, HTC, Nokia, LG, blackberry, iPhone.

⭐ Customer Ratings: 3.5

💸 Price: $9.99

🛒 Buy HERE

Lamicall Tablet and Phone Holder

Key Features:

  • Made of aluminum.
  • Adjustable — 360° rotatable.
  • The bendable arm is 34.6 inches in length.
  • The clamp can be mounted to any surface up to 2.8 inches thick.
  • The long arm is flexible and adjustable. For easily bending and twisting the long arm to ideal position. Bend the arm into “s” Shape, It will reduce bounce and wobble to some extent.

Compatible Devices: iPhone, iPad, Samsung, Xiaomi.

⭐ Customer Ratings: 4.1

💸 Price: $27.99

🛒 Buy HERE

Wall Mount Holders

iTODOS Wall Mount Phone Holder

Key Features:

  • Made of aluminum alloy, rust-resistant, oxidation resistant, sturdy and durable.
  • The mobile phone clip is made of ABS material and built-in anti-skid rubber pad, reduces scratches, ensuring your mobile phone safe.
  • 1/4 thread screw to connect mobile phone clip, one head ball can be adjusted with 360° swivel and 90° tilt easily.
  • Phone clip adjustable width is between 2.36″ and 4.52″, suitable for 3.5″ ~6.5 “(diagonal screen).

Compatible Devices: HTC, iPhone, Nexus.

⭐ Customer Ratings: 4.0

💸 Price: $12.99

🛒 Buy HERE

Lucrave Phone and Tablet Wall Mount Holder

Key Features:

  • Made of heavy-duty aluminum alloy material, stable and durable.
  • 360° rotation ball, allows you to adjust the tablet/phone to a horizontal or vertical screen.
  • Extendable and foldable arm, easy to extend to a suitable position and fold up to save activity space. Allows a 180° and 360° arm horizontal rotation mode.
  • With an anti-slip pad on the wall mount clip, prevent your tablet and phone from falling.

Compatible Devices: iPhone, iPad, Samsung, Samsung Galaxy, Huawei, Surface, Sony, Switch.

⭐ Customer Ratings: 5

💸 Price: $29.99

🛒 Buy HERE

AceTaken 2in1 Phone Holder (Screwed or Mount)

Key Features:

  • Made of plastic and metal.
  • Braced arms add strength and extend up to approx. 33 inches.
  • Adjustable legs for placement on uneven surfaces.
  • The bendable arm is 30 inches in length.
  • Adjusted angles – up and down 180-220°, forward and back 135°.
  • The clamp can be screwed to the wall or can be mounted to any surface up to 2 inches thick.

Compatible Devices: iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, Nexus, Huawei, Sony, Nokia.

⭐ Customer Ratings: 4.3

💸 Price: $12.99

🛒 Buy HERE

💡 If you own 3D printer and you’re a DIY enthusiast looking for a baby monitor stand, do not hesitate and print the perfect phone stand or phone holder.

Keep in mind that each of these baby monitor stand has its unique features for different places and angles for baby monitoring.

Choosing the right one is important for your positioning and installation. Whether it’s standing, clip, wall-mounted, or flexible tripod, the best baby monitor stand helps you get the best coverage or angle while making the most of your baby monitor. 

With any of these baby monitor stand, you’ll have what you need to set up baby monitor camera at home and make your baby even safer in 2024.

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