40 Unique baby girl names starting with "B"

40 UNIQUE Baby Girl Names Starting with “B”

May 26, 2020 6:00 am

Published by Jessica


Do you like the sound of the letter B? Then you may want to think about girl names that start with the second letter of the alphabet.

There are so many beautiful names to choose from.

Some more modern and trendy options might be Blue, Briella, or Bryce.

But there are also many names with a classy vintage feel to them, such as Beatrice, Bellanne, and Birdie.

And what about a short version of a longer name, like Bea, Becca, or Bess.

More Unique Baby Names:

Girl Names Starting with B:

1. Babette

2. Bailee

3. Barcelona

4. Barra

5. Basia

6. Bay

7. Bayley

8. Baylin

9. Bea

10. Beatrice

11. Becca

12. Beckie

13. Bellanne

14. Bellona

15. Bennie

16. Bernadette

17. Bess

18. Bethany

19. Beverly

20. Bianca

21. Bibiana

22. Birdie

23. Blair

24. Blaise

25. Blake

26. Blue

27. Bonita

28. Bonny

29. Breana

30. Brenda

31. Bria

32. Briar

33. Brie

34. Briella

35. Brienne

36. Brit

37. Bronwen

38. Bryanna

39. Bryce

40. Brynn


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