Which Baby Monitors Cannot Be Hacked?

All internet-connected devices can be hacked, which means some baby monitors are also at risk of being hacked. A baby monitor is a safety device designed to keep infants safe. But now, many hackers can easily break in and do creepy things.

So, which baby monitors cannot be hacked?

When looking for a baby monitor that cannot be hacked, it’s important to understand that no device is completely immune to hacking.

However, some baby monitors offer enhanced security features that significantly reduce the risk. We’ve put together six safety key features to look for if you want a safe baby monitor and found five specific baby monitor models known for their strong security measures.

So don’t wait for anything and get to it!

Key Safety Features to Look For in Baby Monitor:

  1. Encryption: Ensure the monitor uses end-to-end encryption (AES-256 is ideal) to protect the data transmitted between the camera and the receiver.
  2. Secure Wi-Fi Connection: Choose monitors that require a secure Wi-Fi connection with strong passwords and WPA3 security.
  3. Regular Firmware Updates: Monitors that receive regular firmware updates can address security vulnerabilities.
  4. Two-Factor Authentication (2FA): This adds an extra layer of security beyond just a password.
  5. Local Video Storage: Opt for monitors that store video locally (on a memory card) rather than in the cloud to reduce exposure to hacking.
  6. No Internet Connection: Consider non-Wi-Fi monitors that use FHSS (Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum) technology for a direct connection between the camera and the receiver, eliminating internet-based risks.

Can WiFi baby monitors be hacked?

Most of the hacked baby monitors are WiFi baby monitors. The main reason is that it is straightforward to “hack” these cameras, as some baby monitors don’t ask you to set up a password when installed. This means they either don’t have a login password or use a default password pre-installed by the manufacturer. These pre-installed passwords are usually easy to guess (e.g. 0000), and their lists are widely available on the internet. WiFi baby monitors require you to take extra steps to protect the transmission.

Can non-WiFi baby monitors be hacked?

While non-WiFi baby monitors are not connected to the internet, they can also be hacked. Non-WiFi baby monitors communicate at specific frequencies over short to medium distances. To hack non-WiFi radio monitors, hackers need to be within the physical range of the signal and know on which frequency to communicate. Most baby monitor brands use an encrypted channel, so hackers need to be able to bypass that too. Most modern non-WiFi baby monitors are unlikely to be hacked, significantly reducing the risk.

Baby Monitors Known for Enhanced Security

First, look at the list of baby monitors with security issues. It would help if you avoided those monitors because of their inadequate security.

  • 🙅iBaby Monitor M6S
  • 🙅Fredi Wireless Baby Monitor
  • 🙅Victure 1080P FHD Baby Monitor
  • 🙅Mi-Cam Baby Monitor
  • 🙅TRENDnet Wi-Fi Baby Cam TV-IP743SIC
  • 🙅Summer Infant Baby Zoom WiFi Monitor & Internet Viewing System
  • 🙅Foscam Baby Monitors (various models)
  • 🙅Philips In.Sight B120/37 Wireless HD Baby Monitor

Here Are Five Safe and Secure Baby Monitors to Get

Infant Optics DXR-8 Pro

  • Type: Non-Wi-Fi
  • Features: Uses FHSS technology, does not rely on internet connection, and has a secure private signal.
  • Advantages: Highly secure from remote hacking due to no internet connection.

Customer Ratings: 4.7

💸 Price: $199.99

🛒 Buy HERE

Nanit Pro Smart Baby Monitor

  • Type: Wi-Fi
  • Features: End-to-end encryption, two-factor authentication, regular firmware updates, and secure data storage.
  • Advantages: Offers both security and smart features like sleep tracking and HD video.

Customer Ratings: 4.5

💸 Price: $237.99

🛒 Buy HERE

Annie Baby Monitor

  • Type: Wi-Fi/Data
  • Features: End-to-end encryption requires a secure login, regular firmware updates, and secure data storage.
  • Advantages: App-based baby monitor solution that turns smartphones and tablets into baby monitor. Provides secure HD video streaming with smart features like motion and cry detection, night vision, lullabies and white noises, baby sleep history tracker, and more.

Customer Ratings: 4.2

💸 Price:

  • $4.99 per week
  • $9.99 per month
  • $49.99 per year

🛒 Buy HERE

Eufy Security SpaceView Baby Monitor

  • Type: Non-Wi-Fi
  • Features: FHSS technology, no internet connection.
  • Advantages: Secure from remote hacking, high-quality video, and long battery life.

Customer Ratings: 4.4

💸 Price: $159.99

🛒 Buy HERE

Motorola MBP36XL

  • Type: Non-Wi-Fi
  • Features: FHSS technology, secure private connection.
  • Advantages: Good range and secure signal without internet dependency.

Customer Ratings: 3.8

💸 Price: $59.99

🛒 Buy HERE

Tips to Keep Your Baby Monitor Safe From Hacking

✅ Secure your wireless router:

  1. Update your router’s firmware
  2. Disable remote access to your router
  3. Use a strong password for your WiFi network

✅ Secure your baby monitor:

  1. Register your product with the manufacturer to receive software updates and fix potential security risks
  2. Remove the default login details and set up a new password
  3. Disable DDNS (Dynamic Domain Name System) if there is an option
  4. Disable port forwarding or UPnP if it’s an option
  5. Disable remote access

✅ If you require remote access to your baby monitor to stream the video while you’re away, then do the following:

  1. Change the default camera access port. It will probably be set at 80 now; you can change it to anything above 8200.
  2. Regularly verify your monitor logs for suspicious activity, such as foreign IP addresses or strange access times.

Implementing all the checklist steps above will significantly strengthen your network and help prevent your baby monitor from being hacked.

In Conclusion

No baby monitor is completely immune to hacking, but when picking a baby monitor, go for one with strong security features to lower the risk of hacking.

Choose monitors with end-to-end encryption, secure Wi-Fi connections, regular firmware updates, and two-factor authentication. 

Non-Wi-Fi models that use FHSS technology provide extra security by avoiding internet-based vulnerabilities. 

By following these best practices for securing your baby monitor and home network, you can greatly improve the safety and privacy of your monitoring system.

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