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Thanksgiving is right around the corner and, like much of 2020, it’s going to feel and look a lot different this year. The whole world recommends scaling down Thanksgiving activities this year, with suggested alternatives that include smaller, intimate gatherings or having a virtual dinner and sharing recipes.

Are you looking for a fun way to spend Thanksgiving Day with your family at home? This mix of kid-friendly indoor and virtual activities will bring your family closer together in the true spirit of the classic holiday.

We had to handle Halloween at home and it was full of fun, and we are going to handle Home-Thanksgiving too!

I have prepared several games for you, which you can also play online.

Thanksgiving Day Parade

What activity starts your Thanksgiving Day? This should be an old standard Thanksgiving Parade. Families have enjoyed watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade on TV since 1948 (and the parade was first held in 1924). Watching giant balloons, floats and marching bands roll through the streets of New York City with your kids is a cozy and magical way to start the holiday. Make it even more fun by printing out Thanksgiving parade bingo game!

Source: Family Education

Cook Together

Thanksgiving is family time. It’s the perfect opportunity to cook together and cooking with your children can be a very funny activity. They learn new skills in the kitchen and you make some lasting memories. Let your children help you in the kitchen with these easy recipes!

Thanksgiving trivia

Make some friendly competition, put your family’s knowledge of Thanksgiving trivia to the test. Come up with your own questions and answers, or inspire on the internet.


Sharing a Meal

The most important part of Thanksgiving is the connections that are created through cooking and sharing a meal. Find a recipe online that you can make together (even online) before your meal to make it more special when you go to sit down at the table (and the screen!) together.

Movie Marathon

Football? NOOO! This year, get everyone on the couch after cooking and rest watching these Thanksgiving movies.


Scavenger Hunt

If there’s one activity that will keep all occupied all day, it’s this scavenger hunt game. Print it or leave it on the screen and make it a little bit more online by sharing it on google disc. Why? Because more people at one can write into it. So you can hunt together!

Source: Live Laugh Rowe

Worksheet Word Scramble

This fun Thanksgiving Worksheet Word Scramble is easy to download and print to get kids in the Thanksgiving spirit! Kids (and even adults!) will love to use their brainpower to try to unscramble these Thanksgiving-related words!

Source: Landeelu

Thanksgiving Bunco

Another group game you can play online! All you need are themed Bunco score cards for Thanksgiving. You can make it online to share it, so everyone can see your score, or you can buy it. If you don’t know what is Bunco, read it here.


Escape rooms

Escape rooms are so much fun but expensive for a family outing. Why not set one up at your house on Thanksgiving for a fraction of the cost? This DIY Escape Room kit offers the real experience of an escape room by challenging players to walk around the room to find clues, gather information and open locked boxes. Players work with simple household items (it’s not just a paper puzzle) while they try to find the missing items before time runs out.



Charades is always a fun party game for all ages, but you can make it extra fun on Thanksgiving by using words and phrases that are seasonal and festive.

For words, you can use this online word generator: The Gamegal


Thank you in 50 languages! Try it at first write then read it and then try to pronounce it!

Source: Enchanted Little World

Thankful For

This year especially is one where we have learned to better appreciate friends, family and togetherness. It’s part of why we’re doing a virtual celebration in the first place. So take a moment to have everyone share what they are thankful for. It’ll help remind you all why you are doing all this in the first place.

Make it more interesting and funny by using Alphabet.

Thankful Alphabet

This one’s pretty straightforward, and it’s another one you can play while eating dinner. Plus, it’s also a great way to get everyone talking about what they’re thankful for. All you have to do is have each person share one thing they’re thankful for, but the catch is, it has to start with the next letter of the alphabet, starting with A (the next person’s response will start with B, and so on). Go around the table until the alphabet’s been filled—yes, even X and Z.

BONUS games:

As I wrote before, print it or share it online!

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