50 Unique baby boy names starting with "C"

16. 04. 2020
50 UNIQUE Boy Names Starting with “C”

“C” baby names sound a bit vintage, don’t they? You can give your baby boy a bit of special glamour. Make him feel even more special with one of these unique baby boy names. You may like a short name...

50 unique baby girl names starting with S

04. 02. 2020
50 UNIQUE Baby Girl Names Starting with “S”

Girl names starting with the letter S sound very soft, graceful and almost regal. This list rounds up all those beautiful S names that are rare, unique and uncommon. There are truly elegant names like Seraphina, Salome...

boy names that start with J

14. 01. 2020
40 UNIQUE Baby Boy Names Starting with “J”

If you are looking for inspiration and ideas for baby boy names that start with “J” you came to the right place. This list is full of unique, uncommon, unusual, rare and vintage boy names. With a special and...

Christmas baby names

07. 01. 2020
30+ Graceful CHRISTMAS Names for Girls and Boys

Christmas is a magical time. And having a baby born during this period of time makes it extra special. Did you know that on average fewer babies are born on Christmas day than any other day of the year? So if your...

girl names starting with C

03. 12. 2019
50 UNIQUE Baby Girl Names Starting with “C”

And we are back with another letter of the alphabet. In this article we are taking a look at girl names starting with C. This list will give you some inspiration for unique and unusual names for your little baby girl....

Boy names starting with R

05. 11. 2019
50 UNIQUE Baby Boy Names Starting with “R”

“R” is a strong and resonant letter. So let’s check out a list of boy names that start with R. We will give you inspiration for unique, rare, and uncommon baby names. What about a high-class sounding...


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