01. 09. 2020
Kris Jenner Kids Names

Kris Jenner is the mother of six kids from two marriages. With Robert Kardashian, she had four children: Kourtney, Kim, Khloe, and Rob. Rob is one and only son from this marriage. She also had two daughters...

most popular baby names

04. 08. 2020
Baby Names Meaning Gift, Beautiful, Strong , Miracle, Love

More inspiration for baby names: 101 Nature Baby Names Vintage Names From the 1920s 50 Unique Girl Names Starting With “A“ 50 Unique Boy Names Starting With “A“ Baby names meaning...

40 Unique baby girl names starting with "K"

28. 07. 2020
40 UNIQUE Baby Girl Names Starting with “K”

You don’t need to be a Kardashian to want to name your little girl something starting with the letter K. There are many beautiful and unique girl names that still sound interesting and trendy atthe same time. K...

baby names from nature

14. 07. 2020
101 NATURE Baby Names

Baby names with a compelling meaning are becoming ever so popular. Some of the most interesting ones can be nature inspired baby names. A very strong boy’s name can be inspired by an animal such as Hawke or by a...

30 Vintage Girl Names from the 1920s

16. 06. 2020
1920s Names: 30 Vintage Baby Girl Names

It is said baby names come back every 100 years. Once very popular names stop being used for a few decades only to come back in style with a fresh coat of paint of vintage glamour. This cycle takes around 100 years,...

40 Unique baby girl names starting with "B"

26. 05. 2020
40 UNIQUE Baby Girl Names Starting with “B”

Do you like the sound of the letter B? Then you may want to think about girl names that start with the second letter of the alphabet. There are so many beautiful names to choose from. Some more modern and trendy options...

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