What’s New: Dive Into Features of Annie Baby Monitor [2024 UPDATE]

The Annie Baby Monitor app offers a wide set of features designed to help parents stay in a loop with little ones’ safety, needs, and milestones

Tell me, what are the features?!

  1. HD Video
  2. Audio
  3. Zoom in and out
  4. Two-way communication
  5. Unlimited range
  6. Motion detection
  7. Cry and sound detection
  8. Baby sleep history
  9. Activity Chart
  10. Lullabies and white noise player
  11. Baby tracker
  12. Light (Brightness Levels)
  13. Green Filter – Night Vision
  14. Picture in Picture
  15. Alert and notifications

Let’s take a closer look at the baby monitor features!

HD Video and Audio

The video and sound quality is just outstanding. The Annies HD video, combined with a smartphone that has a retina display, gives you an incredible live video feed. Even when you zoom in, you’ll see very little picture pixelation. 

Likewise, the sound quality is also really good. When your phone’s microphone is highly calibrated, and if you use an iPhone 12 or newer, you’ll get crystal clear sound from your phone’s speaker.

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Two-Way Communication

You can speak to your baby through Annie’s child-unit speaker to attempt to calm the child. You can successfully soothe the baby by talking to him through the monitor and avoid having to go into the room to comfort him.

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Unlimited Range

Most baby monitors have a limited range, around 300 meters outside and 50 to 60 meters indoors. As we all know, the idea of losing connection causes anxiety for all of us. 

With Annie, as long as you have a good Wi-Fi connection where your baby is snoozing, and you’re device (smartphone or tablet) connected to either that same Wi-Fi or a different one or even have cell service, you’ll be able to keep an eye on your little one. 

 Practically, you’ll find this to come in handy when you will:

  1. Be separated from your baby by several floors or walls – meaning the baby sleeps in another room.
  2. Outside doing yard work or drinking coffee on the terrace.
  3. Remote check-in when someone else cares for the precious – grandparent, nanny, etc.
  4. On vacation, when you’ll want to pop in for dinner, but your baby will be napping. 

🏖️Vacation tip: Rent a room on the ground floor close to the pool. This way, when your little one is taking a nap, you can relax by the pool and keep an eye on the baby using the baby monitor.

Motion Detection

Motion detection is a must-have feature in baby monitors that helps you to keep your little ones safe and secure. It works by using video-based sensors to detect movement in the baby’s room, and when it senses any motion, the monitor alerts you by notifications on your smartphone or tablet. 

Annie baby monitor also has customizable motion sensitivity settings, so you can adjust the level of sensitivity according to your needs. 

However, sometimes, the motion detection system can give false alarms, especially if the sensitivity level is too high or there are pets or moving objects in the room. So, it’s essential to set it up precisely for your environment to avoid false alerts.

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Cry Detection

Cry detection is a great help if you want to know when the baby is crying or upset. Annie uses audio sensors to pick up the sound of a baby’s cry and alert you through notifications on your smartphone or tablet. 

In Annie, you can customize the cry detection sensitivity to reduce false alarms. However, keep in mind that these systems might not be perfect and can sometimes be triggered by other sounds or noises. That’s why it’s best to set it up precisely for your environment to avoid false alerts.

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Alerts and notifications

You can have Annie’s app alert you if the motion is detected or sound if a certain pre-set threshold is exceeded. You’ll be able to react immediately to the potential danger. 

You can set notifications and alerts for more, such as low battery alerts, disconnection of the baby unit, motion detection, sound detection or crying.

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Baby Sleep History

Keeping track of your baby’s sleep history is very helpful for understanding the sleep habits, preferences, and development. You can check how long your baby sleeps and if there are any patterns. It can also help you figure out the best time for bedtime routines.

It’s important to keep an eye on your baby’s sleep quality. Is your baby tossing and turning or sleeping soundly? With Annie, you don’t have to worry about keeping track of it all. It automatically records your baby’s sleep patterns from the moment you start monitoring until the end. You can easily check out your baby’s sleep history, including sleep duration, patterns, quality, regression, or any sleep problems.

With a comprehensive sleep history, you can promote healthy sleep habits, set the proper sleep routine and handle any sleep-related problems and challenges.

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Baby Tracker

To better understand sleep issues, you can also record feeding times and diaper changes, which can help you see any connections between feeding and sleep patterns. 

The Annie baby tracker helps you keep track of your baby’s daily routine, like feeding, sleeping, diaper changes, and growth milestones. It’s super helpful in keeping organized records and communicating with healthcare providers. 

Plus, you can set reminders for important tasks like feeding and medication doses or scheduled vaccinations that should not be forgotten. 

Annie tracker even analyze data trends and generate reports, so you can see patterns and make informed decisions about your baby’s care.

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Audio Activity Chart

The audio activity chart shows you what your baby’s been up to. This feature is particularly useful for tracking sleeping patterns, mumbling, crying episodes, and other audio cues.

You can look back and see how much time your baby spent doing different things so you can figure out what’s working well and what might need to change in the sleep routine.

📖 Learn more about the audio activity chart.

Lullabies and White Noise Player

Lullabies have been used for generations to help babies relax and fall asleep. They often have gentle melodies and repetitive patterns that can lull a baby into a peaceful slumber. 

On the other hand, white noise has relaxing effects, often the sound of a fan, vacuum cleaner, or air conditioner or mimics the sounds babies hear in the womb. White noises provide a familiar and comforting background noise that can drown out other disturbances.

Annie Baby Monitor comes with built-in lullabies and a white noises player feature, providing over 15 calming sounds to soothe the baby, help the baby relax and drift off, sleep peacefully, and promote better and longer sleep. 

With both options available, you can choose what works best for your child. Plus, you can control this feature remotely through a baby monitor, making it super convenient to adjust settings without disturbing the sleeping baby.

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Night Light and Customizable Brightness

The Annie Baby Monitor app has a light feature that lets you set how bright the nightlight is. You can adjust it so you don’t disturb your baby’s sleep. 

Whether you want a little light for feeding time or a dim one for bedtime, the app has got you covered. You can even make it brighter for diapering! This feature makes it easy to check on your baby without waking them up.

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Green Filter – Night Vision

The Annie Baby Monitor app comes with a very helpful feature called green filter, which works like a night vision that lets you keep an eye on your baby in poor lighting conditions or darkness. 

The app uses advanced infrared technology and a green filter overlay to capture detailed images of the baby’s surroundings without disturbing their sleep. Unlike traditional night vision that glows red and is super visible, this one is subtle and non-intrusive. 

The green filter makes it easy to see your baby clearly without waking the baby up and gives you peace of mind knowing they’re safe and sound.

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Picture in Picture

If you’re using your phone for the baby monitor, you might be wondering how you can still use your phone for other things. 

But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Annie has a picture-in-picture feature that lets you monitor your sleeping baby while you do other stuff on your phone. 

Basically, you’ll see a small window of your baby that you can resize and move around on top of other apps. So, you can check your emails, scroll TikTok, browse the web, or use other parenting apps while still keeping an eye on your little one.

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Haven’t heard of Annie and want to know how it works?

Annie Baby Monitor, and how does it work?

The Annie is composed of three main parts – a monitor/camera, the child unit (tablet, Mac, or your older phone), your phone and the Annie App. This last part is a very important part – unlike most baby monitors, the Annie does not come with a dedicated ‘child unit’ or ‘parent unit’ – Annie is BYOD (bring your own device) for both units via an iOS or Android app.

Let’s dive into the setting …

  1. Download and Install: Download the Annie Baby Monitor app from the App Store (for iOS devices) or Google Play Store (for Android devices). Once installed, you can create an account and log in to get started.
  2. Prepare Devices: The app works by pairing two devices – one acts as the parent unit and the other as the baby unit. You can use your smartphone or tablet as the parent unit and place another device with a camera (such as an old smartphone or tablet) in the baby’s room as the baby unit.
  3. Pair Devices: Connect both devices to the same Wi-Fi network. Then, pair your devices by creating code on the main device – parent unit. Enter this code on the second device – the child unit. 
  4. Activate the Units: Once connected, tap on the child icon and activate the child unit on one of the devices. Choose the parent icon on the second device, and now wait a few seconds for the devices to connect. And you can start monitoring!
  5. Customization: You can customize settings such as detection, detection sensitivity, brightness levels, and light options to suit your preferences and your baby’s needs.

⚙️Find more about how the app Annie Baby Monitor works and detailed instructions.

What are users saying about Annie? Watch a review!


$4.99 + a little bit of money can buy a lot of music; you probably won’t find a more functional, more comprehensive, more purposeful baby monitor on the market for less money than the Annie. 

Whether or not price is your most important decision criterion, Annie will definitely be the best choice in choosing a baby monitor. 

Who wouldn’t choose a baby monitor with a baby tracker and lullaby player for $4.99 per week!!!? However, do check the Annie website first for discounts offered when you purchase. Because, yes, you can buy this baby monitor cheaper – for a bargain $2.49 per week.

If you’re looking at a baby monitor as a long-term investment that’s going to serve you for years to come (and perhaps can be used for multiple kids), Annie is the best monitor you’ll try. You can even try Annie for free for three days – you can confidently say it hits high marks in all the right places. 

From its superb picture quality to its unlimited range to its sleep insights, Annie actively seeks to help your child get a better night’s sleep (and just maybe you, too!) – and that is worth quite a bit. You can check out our review full list of best baby monitors here (hint: Annie is the overall winner).

There you have it, our complete Annie breakdown. Hopefully, that was helpful. If you’re looking for more thoughts on Annie, this page on the company’s site updates with the most recent reviews from parents.

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