Baby Names Based on Zodiac Sign – Cancer

Picking a name you think will suit your baby-to-be is hard. Technically, you spend every moment together during pregnancy, but your child will have a whole personality you’ve yet to discover.

Of course, you won’t know your baby’s date of birth until she/he actually born, and it’s certainly not unusual for a new arrival to make a surprise early entrance — or keep the world waiting. Plus, your baby could be born at the turn of two zodiac signs. So check out names for the sign before or after birth-date as well, just for safety.

So here we go with the names based on the zodiac sign. For every zodiac sign, I prepared for you articles full of names.

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Every baby born between June 21 and July 22 will be in the sign of Cancer with the element of the water.


Deeply intuitive and sentimental, Cancer can be one of the most challenging zodiac signs to get to know. They are very emotional and sensitive, and care deeply about matters of the family and their home. Cancer is sympathetic and attached to people they keep close. Those born with their Sun in Cancer are very loyal and able to empathize with other people’s pain and suffering.

Cancer – the Brave Crab Sent to this Earth by something they believe in, only to mess with someone bigger than they are, this isn’t an animal aware of their strength. Patriotism can make them endanger their own wellbeing, fighting for someone else’s cause, as if others can become their higher power. The Crab knows where they’re going, but this is often in a wrong direction, at least until they learn their lessons and start relying solely on themselves.

Source: Astrology zodiac signs

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Names For Cancer Boy


Arledge — this English name means “lives by the lake”


Delmar — this Latin name means “from the sea”

Dylan — this Welsh name means “man from the sea”


Edward — this Old English name means “guardian”


Hamlyn — this teutonic name means “home-lover”

Henry — this Teutonic name means “home ruler”

Hume — this Old English name means “home-lover”

Hurley — this Gaelic name means “sea tide”


Jericho — this Arabic name means “city of the Moon”

Julius — this Latin name means “born in July”


Kelsey — this Old Norse name means “one who lives by the sea”

Kelvin — this Scottish name means “dweller by the river”


Lomax — this English name means “retreat by the pool”


Marland — this Old English name means “from the land of the lakes”

Murray — this Scottish Gaelic name means “from the land by the sea”


River — a watery name for this water sign

Names For Cancer Girls


Amaris — this Hebrew name means “child of the moon”

Artemis — Greek goddess of the moon


Brooke — this Old English name means “from the brook”


Cordelia — this Celtic name means “jewel of the sea”

Cynthia — Greek moon goddess


Delia — Greek moon goddess

Diana — Latin goddess of the moon


Gillian — this Latin name means “born in July”


Harriet — this Teutonic name means “mistress of the home”

Hestia — Greek goddess of the hearth, home, and family


Julia — this Latin name means “born in July”

June — one of the birth months of Cancer


Kelsey — this Old Norse name means “one who lives by the water”


Luna — Roman goddess of the moon


Marina — this Latin name means “sea-maiden”


Nina — daughter of the Babylonian god of water

Nydia — this Latin name means “homemaker”


Phoebe — Greek goddess identified with the moon


Ruby — one of the birthstones of Cancer


Selene — Greek goddess of the moon

Shannon — this Gaelic name means “old river”


Vesta — Latin goddess of the hearth, home, and family


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