26. 04. 2022
Baby’s Development – 12 Month Milestones

<< Back to 11th Month The child’s first year is approaching. A child approaching his first year is no longer considered a defenseless creature who cannot do anything. The exact opposite is true. As you...

29. 03. 2022
Baby’s Development – 11 Month Milestones

<< Back to 10th Month Go to 12th Month >> If you found last month challenging, get ready for a heavy test on the eleventh. As your child begins to move, the probability of something will be destroyed or...

15. 03. 2022
When Will My Baby WALK

Whether your toddler is ass-sliding on the ground or staggering on feet, he/she will soon take his first step. How it will happen? Some babies take their first steps as early as nine months of their life comes, while...

22. 02. 2022
Baby’s Development – 10 Month Old Milestones

<< Back to 9th Month Go to 11th Month >> In the last quarter of the first year, the child is already quite independent. He/she can climb and get on and off the sofa. You have to pay more attention to...

02. 11. 2021
Baby’s Development – 9 Month Old Milestones

<< Back to 8th Month Go to 10th Month >> Standing, walking, and many more … In the 9th month of life, the baby is becoming more playful and exploratory. That’s why baby turns...

05. 10. 2021
Baby’s Development – 8 Month Milestones

At the age of 8 months, the baby learns to stand. When the child manages to climb on all fours, he can pull himself by the fence or something similar into an upright kneel on one knee. << Back to 7th...

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