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Baby Names Meaning Gift, Beautiful, Strong , Miracle, Love

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Baby names meaning Miracle, Blessing, Gift

  • Beatris (means “blessed, happy” in Latin)
  • Benedict / Benedicta (means “blessed” in Latin)
  • Gwen / Wendy (means “fair, blessed” in Welsh)
  • Darina (means “gift” in Slavic)
  • Dorothea / Theodore (means “gift from God” in Greek)
  • Jesse (means “gift” in Hebrew)
  • Nessa (means “miracle” in Hebrew)
    • you can name her Vanessa and call her Nessa for short
  • Matthew (means “gift from God” in Hebrew)
  • Pandora (means “all gifts” in Greek)

Baby names meaning Strong, Brave, Warrior

  • Ari (means “brave” in Armenian and “lion” in Hebrew)
    • can be a short version of names like Ariadne, Ariana, Archibald, Adrian, Arthur
  • Basil (means “brave and valiant” in Arabic)
  • Beren (means “strong and smart” in Turkish)
  • Conall (means “strong wolf” in Irish)
  • Ethan (means “solid, enduring and firm” in Hebrew)
  • Ezekiel (means “God will strengthen” in Hebrew)
  • Gabriel / Gabriella (means “God is my strong man” in Hebrew)
  • Gerard (means “brave” in Germanic)
  • Leonard (mans “brave lion” in Germanic)
  • Roland / Orlando (means. “famous and brave” in Germanic)
  • Valentine / Valentina (means “strong, vigorous and healthy” in Latin)

Baby names meaning Beautiful, Beauty

  • Bellamy (meaning “beautiful friend” in Old French)
  • Calanthe (meaning “beautiful flower” in Greek)
  • Calliope (meaning “beautiful voice” from Greek)
  • Callisto (meaning “most beautiful” in Greek)
  • Eirian (meaning “bright and beautiful” in Welsh)
  • Linda (meaning “beautiful, soft and mild”)
  • Naomi (meaning “beautiful” in Japanese)

Baby names meaning Love, Beloved

  • Amanda (means “lovable” in Latin)
  • Amy (means “beloved” in Latin)
  • Astrid (means “beautiful and beloved” in Old Norse)
  • Carina / Kara (means “dear, beloved” in Latin)
  • Carita / Charity (means “dearness and love” in Latin)
  • Esme (means “esteemed and loved” in Old French)
  • Minna (means “love” in Old German)
    • can be used as a short form of Wilhemina
  • Philip / Philipa (means “friend, lover” in Greek)
  • Ren (means “lotus and love” in Japanese)
    • can be a nickname for names like Reagan, Warren, Lawrence

Baby names meaning Royalty, Noble

  • Adelaide / Adele / Ada / Alison / Alice (meaning “noble” in Germanic)
  • Albert / Alberta (meaning “noble and bright” in Germanic)
  • Arya (meaning “noble” in Indo-Iranian)
  • Ethel (meaning “noble” in Old English)
  • Karim (meaning “generous and noble” in Arabic)
  • Patrick / Patricia (meaning “nobleman” in Latin)
  • Sarah (meaning “lady, princess, noblewoman” in Hebrew)

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