08. 07. 2021
Travel With a Baby – When Can You Start and What Not To Forget?

Don’t know when it’s possible to travel with a baby? Or what to pack in a backpack so nothing is missing later? We have written down it for you – How to prepare for the trip. When...

06. 07. 2021
Mastering Babysitting: A Guide on How To Be a Good Babysitter with Annie Baby Monitor

Being a nanny is one of the most responsible jobs ever. Babysitters are in charge of what is most precious to each parent – their children. Caring for children aged 0 to 6 is a very demanding job that requires...

01. 07. 2021
Summer Unique Baby Names

When you think of summer, you probably picture yourself sunbath under the sunny sky as you dip your toes into the warm, blue ocean.  While summer is always a fun time of year, it can be extra hard if your pregnancy...


29. 06. 2021
Shaving During Pregnancy

I assume you’ve been pregnant for a few weeks. The belly is bigger and bigger and apart from the fact that you can’t tie your shoelaces, you can’t even shave your legs, much less shave your punani,...

24. 06. 2021
7 Reasons to Hire a College Student as a Babysitter

College students often find themselves in a position where they have to look for a part-time job to support their everyday expenses. A student who lives away from home has to think of various expenses ranging from...

22. 06. 2021
Baby Names Based on Zodiac Sign – Cancer

Picking a name you think will suit your baby-to-be is hard. Technically, you spend every moment together during pregnancy, but your child will have a whole personality you’ve yet to discover....


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