What Features to Look For in a Baby Monitor?

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Technology is advancing in many ways. And it is now quite common for new parents to buy baby monitors to help them keep an eye on their little ones. The best baby monitors are also constantly upgraded to make sure they’re as effective as possible. So it’s not a problem to get a baby monitor that can do more than just check whether your baby is awake or asleep.

Why do parents use baby monitors?

The answer is simple: to keep the little miracle safe.

To some, a baby monitor may seem like an unnecessary expense. Especially if your home is small and your child will always sleep at a close distance.

However, you will be proven several times that it is the best thing to get for baby gear. Motherhood will be so tiring that you will even fall asleep without knowing how. And in these times the best baby monitor will save your baby’s life

For many people, a baby monitor may seem like a heavy investment. But we would like to prove you otherwise. The best modern baby monitors don’t have to be a hassle at all. You only have to search through the best budget baby monitor apps.

What do baby monitors do?

Baby monitors are useful helpers for caring for children. 

The main function of the baby monitor is to alert parents to a baby’s waking, crying or calling. Basically, these are walkie-talkies that allow you to monitor your baby’s condition by transmitting sound or even video. 

However, there are a large number of baby monitors with different capabilities. The capability of a baby monitor depends on the baby monitor features, which is what makes the best baby monitor apps special. When choosing this device, it then depends only on what features are important to you.

Do not worry about the use of this indispensable helper. Baby monitors are useful, no matter whether it costs you $5 or $5000. The best baby monitor you’ll use at home, outdoors and while traveling.

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What should I know about baby monitors?

Before you buy a baby monitor, you should know whether you want to use it while traveling or just at home. If you prefer a device that transmits both sound and video, or if you’ll be satisfied with a device that only transmits sound. Whether you want a classic overpriced hardware baby monitor or a modern budget-friendly baby monitor with app. Last but not least, you also need to determine what features you want in a baby monitor.

What features should a baby monitor have?

Modern baby monitors not only watch when your baby wakes up in the crib and check if he or she is trying to climb out of the crib using video. But they can also help you with many other things. Thanks to two-way transmission, you’ll be able to comfort or admonish your little one. Modern baby monitors can also play a favorite lullaby or project pictures on the wall. What are the basic functions of today’s modern baby monitor?

Video and Audio

Video transmission should be a standard. Additional features such as zoom-on and night vision are an advantage  – certainly not a must but will be useful.

Two-Way Audio and Video 

You’ll be able to talk to your baby remotely. You can easily soothe him with your voice or sing to him.

Volume Control

If the baby monitor has two-way sound transmission, you can lull or comfort your baby with your voice. Therefore, most devices are equipped with volume control. So you can adjust the volume to the appropriate level depending on the ambient noise.

Lullabies and White Noises

Children who don’t want to sleep will enjoy the lullaby function. Baby monitors can have an integrated player that will play the baby’s favorite soothing bedtime music.

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Microphone Sensitivity

If you are not sure you will hear your little one cry, set the microphone sensitivity of the baby unit to the maximum.

Motion Detection

This feature can save your child’s life. If your baby wakes up unexpectedly and starts trying to leave the crib, the motion sensor will activate and the baby monitor will alert you with a loud tone or LED (or combination).

Night Light

Little children do not like to fall asleep in complete darkness. Baby monitors with low light options are great for this.

This feature will also be very useful during the breastfeeding period. You won’t have to turn on an uncomfortable light or breastfeed in the dark.

Sound Alarm

If your baby starts crying, the baby monitor should let you know immediately. Depending on the model, a diode or a loud sound will alert you to your baby’s crying.

Discharge Alarm

An important function that informs you of the battery status when the baby monitor is not currently plugged in. There’s no risk of running out of power unexpectedly in the middle of the night without you knowing.

Multi-child & Multi-parent

The multi-parent feature allows parents to monitor their children simultaneously on an unlimited number of devices. Parents can monitor multiple children at once with the multi-child feature. This feature can also be used to monitor one child from multiple angles.

Picture in picture – Multitasking

If you want to use the baby monitor app, then this feature will be very important for you. While using your device as usual, it allows you to continuously monitor your child.

What do I want in a baby monitor?

The best model of baby monitor for you depends on how, where and when you use the baby monitor most often.

If you have a small apartment, you will probably not use a baby monitor that much. But even in this situation, there are several moments in which a baby monitor will be helpful.

For example, if you do some house chores or even work from home, you need to focus on one activity. In this situation, a baby monitor is a good helper. Because running away to check on your sleeping baby and shattering attention is annoying. You will also appreciate the baby monitor in many other situations.

How can a baby monitor enhance parenting?

The birth of a baby can shake things up for new parents. Most of the time they don’t even have much time to themselves because they are always one ear where their baby is sleeping. However, if you want to make parenting easier, then a baby monitor is the best solution.

When you have a baby monitor, you can read, relax, work or spend a romantic moment with your partner, while your child rests undisturbed. As soon as your baby wakes up, cries, or demands attention, the best baby monitor will alert you. You can then arrive quickly, whether you are in the garden or in another room in the house.

If you are still hesitating whether to buy and which baby monitor to get. Then we recommend you to read our other articles to help you decide.

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