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Best 4 Travel-Friendly Baby Monitor Apps

“It is impossible to travel with a baby, especially a newborn or a toddler.” But, what if we told you there’s a way to enjoy your vacation while your child rests?

The solution is a travel baby monitor app. However, it’s important to pick one that’s travel-friendly. Therefore, we’ve compiled a list of the best 4 travel-friendly baby monitor apps.

4 Travel-Friendly Baby Monitor Apps

You can download an app from the app store on your smartphone to replace the hardware baby monitor. The app either connects two smartphones, tablets, computers or Apple Watch to transmit audio and video.

First thing first. You install the same app on both devices. On one device, you click on “parent”. A code will appear on the display. On the other device, you click on “child” and enter the code from the first device. That’s it, you can start monitoring!

Yeah, but what baby monitor app to choose? Which one is the best? Let’s take a look at our top 4 favorites and the reasons why we would choose them!

Wanna know our final tip? Just click here and we’ll take you straight to it!

1. Annie Baby Monitor App

The Annie is our top pick as the best travel baby monitor for hotels for many obvious reasons. It has high quality crystal clear video and sound with two-way communication. The communication is encrypted, so you can be sure that no stranger is listening. An undeniable advantage is the sensitivity of the device. The sensitivity is adjustable. The app will alert you to even the quietest whisper and the slightest movement. So you can rest assured that your child is happy and well, despite not being in the same room as them.

We can also praise its special night vision which can be set as needed. This baby monitor can also play soothing lullabies and white noises to help the baby fall asleep. Select from over 15 lullabies and white noises – from natural noises, household noises, and musical instruments to the sound of mom’s heart.

The parent unit will alert you if the baby unit runs out of battery or loses internet connection. Even if you’re at the pool, for example, you don’t have to worry about your child because of the unlimited range.

Compared to other baby monitors, this one is relatively inexpensive. You can even purchase this baby monitor only for a certain period in the form of a subscription – weekly, monthly or yearly. You can try the Annie app for free for three days. This app is affordable in terms of its price-performance ratio.

2. Bibino Baby Monitor App

All features can be unlocked by purchasing one of three subscriptions – weekly, monthly or annual. With Bibino Premium you get access to all features like unlimited video monitoring, video recording, lullabies or audio recordings.

You can use it as a video and audio baby monitor in the free version. In the premium version there is also possible to talk thru the app thanks to the two-way communication feature. You can also remotely turn on lullabies. This app offers over 20 lullabies and sounds – from colour noises and household noises to sounds of nature. You can record your own lullaby if you don’t like any from the sound library.

Each monitoring can be recorded with the Bibino app in the form of noises, videos, or photos. In the desktop version, you can view a log of child records with photos. It is possible to temporarily sensitize the audio in Bibino so that you can clearly hear everything.

A visual and sound alert lets you know when your child is awake on the parent unit. You will also be notified if any problems arise, e.g. disconnection, baby awake.

3. Nancy Baby Monitor: Video Cam

Not only can you hear your little one perfectly, but you can also see your baby’s every move. Nancy is a video baby monitor app that allows you to watch your child while sleeps. Both the audio and video are always crystal clear and you can see and hear your baby wherever you are.

Nancy always keeps you informed of any change in your child’s activity. A notification appears and you can click through it directly to the monitoring screen. A red animation appears on the screen if the baby awakens. You can adjust the noise sensitivity.

This app can seamlessly switch between Wi-Fi, 3G and LTE. So, you don’t have to worry about the range. You can enjoy your dinner in peace and still know what your baby is doing.

Monitoring is safe with this app. The manufacturer has its own secure servers that ensure your child’s video is encrypted and no one else can access it.

You pay Nancy according to the subscription you choose – weekly, monthly or annually.

4. Dormi baby monitor app

Dormi app itself monitors the active connection of the units and alerts you if the connection is broken. If your baby starts crying while you are on the phone, Dormi will alert you with a vibration and a soft beep. Of course, the monitoring works even if the phone screen is off.

Great care has been taken to reduce battery consumption – so you can watch your baby for many hours on a single charge.

There are also “Listen button” for remote listening and “Talk button” if you want to calm the baby with your voice.

Beneath the clock icon is hidden the Activity log function and the list of logged events such as the start and end of monitoring and noise detection.

You can monitor your baby for four hours for free. After that, you have to purchase the full version of the baby monitor. In Dormi, you can choose from monthly, yearly, or lifetime subscriptions. 

Unfortunately, this software baby monitor lags behind, mainly due to the lack of camera support, through which it would be possible to check the baby not only by hearing but also visually.

What to Look For in a Travel-Friendly Baby Monitor

Looking for the best portable baby monitor for travel? Here are some key considerations:


A baby monitor’s range is how far it can receive a signal. If you choose an app as your baby monitor, then range won’t be one of your worries. In fact, baby monitor apps are functional whenever and wherever you have an internet connection. The only concern is to have a stable internet connection, either via data or wifi. 

Battery Life

Since we’re talking about wireless travel baby monitor apps that you install on your phone. It is important to choose an app that drains your phone minimally. It is also wise to choose a baby monitor that sends you a notification if one of the baby monitor units is discharging/is discharged.

Wi-Fi vs. Non-Wi-Fi

Baby monitor apps are perfect at home because you have there a stable internet connection. However, if you travel with your baby a lot, then you need to have enough data or stable Wi-Fi which isn’t always possible. But the advantage of the travel baby monitor with wifi is the range. Because if you have a stable internet connection then you have unlimited range.

Video vs. Audio

Video monitors allow you to watch your child in real-time, whether it’s day or night. Some of these apps have zoom and motion detection features that are easy to operate.

On the other hand, audio monitors are cheaper and better suited to people who don’t need tech-savvy features. Compared to video baby monitors, this type tends to have longer battery life. However, the disadvantage is that you can mishear the sound if you are in a noisy environment – which vacation places tend to be.


It is best to get a baby monitor app that features not just audio baby monitoring, but also video and other extra features like lullabies or the ability to talk to your baby.  

Extra Features

When shopping for a baby monitor look out for extra features too. Like temperature monitoring, white noises and/or lullabies, movement detection, and sound sensitivity options. 

For us, every reliable baby monitor app should include at least these three extra features:

Two-Way Communication – This feature reduces the number of times you have to actually get up and go comfort the child. Plus, this feature helps you relax, as same as to your baby. Baby will be calmer if he/she hears your voice while falling asleep. And you’ll be calmer knowing that you’ll hear him/her right away when is awake.

Night Vision – The night vision feature lets you monitor your child’s sleep in a darker environment. The camera instantly informs you if the sleep patterns or waking behavior have changed. There is a possibility that night vision can present a  disturbance to your baby due to the LED light it emits.

Movement detection – Movement detection allows you to be aware of even the slightest movement. The feature detects when a child moves and alerts you. Better baby monitor apps have sensitivity settings for this feature. The motion sensitivity determines what level of motion the app should respond to.

You can either see these features as valuables or as unnecessity. Consider all of them before making a purchase decision.


It can be difficult to set up your travel baby monitor depending on the room and furniture in the hotel. If you need a better view of your child, move furniture around. Also, consider buying a tripod or phone holder for your phone so you can put your baby unit anywhere.


Last but not least, you should consider the price. A lot of baby monitors are paid for as a one-time fee and prices range from $50 to hundreds of dollars. But an app is possible to pay for a subscription. This means you pay for a certain period of time. So, you don’t have to spend several hundred dollars when you know you’ll only use the baby monitor for the duration of your vacation. Subscriptions range from $1 to $125.

Final Tip: Annie Baby Monitor – Your Ideal Travel Companion

Looking for an affordable and feature-packed baby monitor app that is perfect for travel? Annie Baby Monitor is the answer!

Annie Baby Monitor is a nifty gadget that won’t break the bank while providing you with a bunch of handy features. You get motion and sound decisions, can play lullabies or white noises, set reminders for nap times, and many more.

It’s the perfect travel buddy to make sure your little one is safe and sound while you’re on the move.

Check out Annie Baby Monitor for hassle-free baby monitoring while on the go. Give it a shot and enjoy a stress-free travel experience!

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