when will my baby talk

21. 07. 2020
When Will My Baby TALK

Do you want to know when do babies start to talk? Not only talking but cooing, babbling, and other baby milestones. Your baby will make sounds since his 2nd month of life. Listen carefully and pay attention to every...

baby teething

30. 06. 2020
The COMPLETE GUIDE to Baby Teething: What to expect?

It is the nightmare every new parent fears. The time when your precious little angel suddenly transforms into a rabid chipmunk. Just when you thought your baby finally started sleeping through the night. Teething is...

average normal newborn baby birth weight

07. 01. 2020
Newborn Baby Birth Weight: What Is Normal, Average and Low?

Did you ever wonder what is the normal weight of a newborn baby? You may be concerned about your own baby’s health or you just may be curious. Either way keep on reading to find out what still counts as...

Baby Milestones

30. 07. 2019
BABY MILESTONES: When Do Babies Crawl and Roll Over?

As a new mother, you are probably having many questions about your little one’s development. You want to know when is she supposed to reach all the important baby milestones. Do not worry if your baby won’t...

Baby's eyes development

03. 12. 2016
What eyes will my baby have? That’s the question!

Are you a mother of a newborn and your baby’s eyes are blue? Congratulations, it could be the real color of your baby’s eyes but it doesn’t have to be. Let’s read about the changes in eye...

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