Baby Milestones

BABY MILESTONES: When Do Babies Crawl and Roll Over?

As a new mother, you are probably having many questions about your little one’s development. You want to know when is she supposed to reach all the important baby milestones. Do not worry if your baby won’t reach these milestones exactly as listed in this article. Just give her 1 or 2 more months. Patience and support are key.


Baby Milestones 1 Month

During the 1st month of its life, your baby is exploring the world around it mostly through its sight. They are especially intrigued by human faces and are often staring at the people around them. What also interests them are bold, especially black and white patterns. Another strong sense is hearing. They start to recognize and respond to some sounds, even the parent’s voice.

After 9 months in the same position in the womb, babies start to move around a bit. While laying down, 1-month-old babies already lift their heads to see the world around them better. They also make jerky quivering arm movements and bring their hands within the range of their face and mouth.

  • █ looks at faces
  •  looks at bold, high contrast patterns
  • █ reacts to sounds
  •  reacts to your voice
  •  brings hands to mouth
  •  lifts head shortly

Baby Milestones 2 Months

Your baby is still trying to lift its head, this time it may reach a 45-degree angle. It still reacts to sounds and noises (especially your voice) and might coo in response. It is also still highly interested in human faces and follows the movements in front of it. Being that other people, toys or even its own hands. Your baby might even smile at you for the 1st time.

  • follows faces
  • follows toys and objects
  • makes cooing sounds
  • sucks on its hands
  • first smile
  • lifts head to 45 degrees
  • movements become smoother

Baby Milestones 3 Months

Listen carefully, your baby might strart to babble in response to your voice. She will also try to imitate some sounds and face expresions. Also, one of the most important milestones is starting to develop at 3 months – your baby starts to hold the head up during tummy time. It also uses arma to push even more upwards.

  • starts to babble
  • imitates sounds
  • mimics face expressions
  • uses arms to hold the head up during tummy time
  • recognizes your face and voice
  • opens and shuts its hands
  • grabs and shakes toys and dangling objects
  • enjoys playing with other people
  • pushes down on legs when feet are placed on a firm surface

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Baby Milestones 4 Months

At this time your bundle of joy will be able to raise its head even higher, pushing on its arms and hands. Prepare to have your heart melted while your baby makes cute giggles, laughs and rolls over from tummy to back. You can also slowly stop to support its head as it is able to hold it steadily all by itself.

  • hols head up to 90 degrees during tummy time
  • starts to express happiness (giggling) and sadness (crying when playing stops)
  • rolls over from tummy to back
  • reaches for toys with one hand
  • holds head steadily, unsupported
  • can bear weight on legs

Baby Milestones 5 Months

Attention, everything within babys reach must be put away as your little one starts to crawl and explores its surrounding by putting everything in its mouth including its own hands and feet.

  • puts hands together, as if clapping
  •  starts to crawl
  • puts toys in mouth
  •  babbles
  •  looks in a mirror
  •  can distinguish between bold colors
  •  plays with hands and feet


Baby Milestones 6 Months

At thus point your baby is a little unstoppable moving machine. Is it sitting unaided, it is able to stand on its own feet (still with support), it rolls over in both idirections. Also, your baby start to respond to simple world, most notably its own name.

  • loves playing with others
  • █ can be distressed if held by strangers
  • █ responds to name
  •  rolls over in both directions
  •  laughs out loud
  • █ passes objects from one hand to the other
  •  starts sitting unaided
  • █ starts to understand simple words
  •  ready for solid foods
  • █ supports whole weight on legs when held upright
  • █ develops full-color vision

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Baby Milestones

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