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What eyes will my baby have? That’s the question!

December 3, 2016 5:08 pm

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Are you a mother of a newborn and your baby’s eyes are blue? Congratulations, it could be the real color of your baby’s eyes but it doesn’t have to be. Let’s read about the changes in eye color.

Are you happy your baby’s eyes color is dark blue? Do not celebrate prematurely. There is a high chance your baby’s eye color will not be dark blue but they will become brown or green.

The chance is higher if you’re Caucasian (also Caucasoid or Europoid) race. In case of African-American, Hispanic or Asian parents and their babies, the changes do not occur so often. If your baby is brown eyed in the first few weeks of his life, there is a high chance he will also be brown-eyed in the future.

Now to answer why this happens. The answer depends on two factors – the amount of melanin in your baby’s eyes and the genetics. The melanin is the pigment responsible for giving your eyes and skin color.


In the moment your baby enters the world, the amount of melanin is relatively low. With the lights all around him the melanin starts to be produced in his eyes. The main changes will happen between the ages of 5 months and 9 months. If the production of melanin stops soon, your baby will probably have light eyes. If it continues, your baby will probably have dark eyes.

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The second factor which plays a role is genetics. The influence on the final color of their eyes is determined by 15 various gens (as OCA2 or HERC2). The baby has a few genes from every parent. The mix of these genes creates the final color.

Here are the possible combinations and their results:

  • If you have blue eyes and the father of the baby also has blue eyes, it’s highly probable your baby’s eyes will be the same color – blue.

  • If you have brown eyes and the father of the baby does too, there is 75 percent chance your baby will be brown eyed. In the rest of the cases he could be the green eyed or blue eyed.

  • If you have blue eyes and your partner is brown eyed, your babies will have brown eyes. If you have more than one offspring, it is also highly likely that one of your babies will have brown eyes and another blue eyes.

  • If you’re brown eyed and your partner is green eyed, your babies will have dark eyes. It would be rare for them to have blue eyes or green eyes.

It’s definitely never sure. That’s why it is nonsense to impart some information from the eye color of your baby.


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