29. 07. 2021
Baby Monitor in Your Hotel

In these hectic times, everyone needs to stop for a while and take a break – especially parents. During the holidays, parenthood is more challenging than ever, not to mention the covid time, when we are all locked...

08. 06. 2021
How to Choose The Best Baby Monitor

Baby Monitors Are Not the Same A smart monitor with Wi-Fi connectivity and a dedicated app is a much different product than a non-Wi-Fi video monitor with a separate parent unit. And there are also audio-only monitors...

13. 05. 2021
The Annie Baby Monitor App – FAQ

Save yourself a trip to the store and mainly the money! Annie baby monitor uses hardware you already have at home. So you and your family can use the saved money for a trip or some food! Want reassurance that...

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29. 04. 2021
Turn Your Phone Into a Baby Monitor

How to save your money and at the same time have a baby monitor you can rely on? If you have two phone devices you have you baby monitor. Annie baby monitor connects any combination of iPhone, iPad or Apple watch to...

19. 11. 2020
Baby Monitor with Motion Sensor: Do I need a baby monitor with motion sensor?

Do I need a baby monitor with motion sensor? Motion detection is a must-have feature in baby monitors that helps you to keep your little ones safe and secure. It works by using video-based sensors to detect movement in...

03. 11. 2020
Baby monitor on Apple Watch

    Did you ever think about how to leave the room, where is your baby sleeping? If you want to leave your calm sleeping baby and make some coffee or tea, or even food, here is the solution! A voice...

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