Hepatitis A: The Dirty Hands Disease

13. 12. 2016
Hepatitis A: The ‘Dirty Hands Disease’

Hepatitis is a viral disease which has several types. We distinguish between hepatitis A, B, C, E and G. Every form these kinds of hepatitis is caused by different type of virus. In the article below let’s look at the...

Reborn Dolls and Silicone Babies

10. 12. 2016
What Is a Silicone Baby: The Phenomenon of Reborn Dolls

As you know, normally we write about real babies. About their physical and mental health and also about their real or potential problems. But now… let’s discuss babies which are not (as) real. Silicone Babies or...

Baby's eyes development

03. 12. 2016
What eyes will my baby have? That’s the question!

Are you a mother of a newborn and your baby’s eyes are blue? Congratulations, it could be the real color of your baby’s eyes but it doesn’t have to be. Let’s read about the changes in eye...

Baby in a sleeping bag

09. 11. 2016
Baby Sleeping Bag: Everything you need to know in 3 questions and answers

What is a Baby Sleeping Bag? Why is it better than traditional blankets and sheets? Or how to choose the right one? If you're interested in baby sleeping bags and you need more information about them right now, you're...

Child lovingly embraces his pet dog, a blue heeler

19. 10. 2016
Pets: Interesting facts from the animal world

Central and South America is home to the most pets and the least number of pets can be found in Asia. When men want pets, they are more likely to pick out a fish than women are. Birds are the most beloved pets in...

Beautiful smiling cute baby

08. 10. 2016
Toddler teething relief: how to make the pain go away

Teething is a time of distress for babies as well as parents. To know that your baby is in pain and there is nothing much you can do to stop it is not a pleasant feeling. Babies first start teething between 4 and 7...

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