11. 03. 2021
Baby’s Development – 2 Month Old Milestones

In addition to details about the psychomotor development of a baby, our overview of what happens in the first 12 months of a young person’s life also offers a lot of ideas to teach the little miracle. <<...

09. 03. 2021
Baby Names Based on Zodiac Sign – Aries

Picking a name you think will suit your baby-to-be is hard. Technically, you spend every moment together during pregnancy, but your child will have a whole personality you’ve yet to discover. Of course, you won’t...

04. 03. 2021
How To Handle the Child Tantrum

The first period of temper tantrums comes around the 16th month of life when you can observe tantrums in your child. Great tantrums await you a few months...

02. 03. 2021
Baby’s Development – One Month Milestones

Go to 2nd Month >> The transition from safety in the mother’s body to free space is a sudden change – the baby needs time to get used to it. It’s called a postpartum adaptation of a newborn. The...

23. 02. 2021
Examples Of Praise Words For Kids

It’s no secret that words have a significant impact on all human beings, but to our children, words of encouragement and praise can lead to achieving milestones and creating self-value. A compliment, a gesture, a...

18. 02. 2021
How To Effectively Praise Your Kids

Love instead of praise. Why shouldn’t we praise children for every little thing and what strengthens their self-confidence? According to modern psychological theses, parental praise is a postmodern version of...

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