7 Reasons to Hire a College Student as a Babysitter

College students often find themselves in a position where they have to look for a part-time job to support their everyday expenses. A student who lives away from home has to think of various expenses ranging from groceries to study materials. That is why a lot of students are open to working along with their school as it gives them some extra money every month to do things that they like.

One of the most popular jobs among students is babysitting, especially in the US and Canada. College nannies are becoming more and more common and babysitting jobs for college students can be seen posted online quite often. But why should a parent consider hiring a student for this job?

Reasons to Hire a College Student as a Babysitter

Lower Payments

Babysitting jobs for college students are becoming popular also because parents don’t have to pay as much as they would have to pay for a professional service. Unlike some other part-time jobs, students are reported to be happy with the pay they get in their role as a nanny. As is shown by these statistics, educated babysitters require higher wages while for many students babysitting is not only a job but also a kind of internship. Through these jobs, both the college-goers and parents benefit as a result.

You can Hire Someone You Know

As pandemics hit, many students have returned back to their hometown. All these boys and girls who grew up next door definitely feel safer than hiring a complete stranger to look after your baby. Plus, you can be sure you are hiring a real person and you know how they behaved with their siblings, so you can eliminate unwanted candidates right away.

Teachers and Helpers

Many parents look for college-goers for such jobs because these young people can become teachers for their children too. In this regard, a nannying job can also turn into a tutoring job. Students can teach young children any lesson, from Math to English. This kind of academic development that the children can receive is often appreciated by parents. Students can also provide homework help or paper writing if your child is already in elementary school. The students also know that babysitting teaches you some new things in return. So, once again, it becomes a win-win situation for both.

They are Flexible

College-goers often have flexible timings. They can work during the week as well as on the weekend. Plus, as many students are not looking for a full-time job, babysitting is a great option for them to cope with assignments while employed. Many students use a professional essay writer service to get some help with the research, formatting and the most tedious parts of studying. This helps them cope with pressure without skipping work and classes.

Benefits of hiring student nanny.


A lot of the time, young children relate more to younger nannies than older ones. That is one more reason why a parent who needs a babysitter on the weekends may look for a college-goer instead of an older nanny. The children feel more comfortable with young nannies and can look up to them in a different light. A student who is a good babysitter can often become a role model for the young ones too.


When it comes to high school students vs. college goers, the latter are often more mature. They have more experience with life, a more defined sense of responsibility, and are more respectful towards the parents as well as the children. They also often appreciate the skills gained from babysitting and don’t think of it as just another job. Because of this, many of them try to do their best rather than just killing the time to get paid.

Informal Learning

Younger nannies often have many different hobbies and interests that they develop on their campus. They can share such interests with the children, inspiring them to learn new things. Your college sitter may be a musician who can teach your kid how to play an instrument or a photographer who can teach them how to use a camera. There’s a lot of things that a college-goer does outside of their class, and exposing your child to some of them could help them grow healthy interests.


People who live on campus, away from their homes, and have to work in order to pay their bills are often very dependable. They know what responsibility looks like and what they need to do in order to be successful in life. This makes them very reliable. Parents can, therefore, hire such a nanny and be at ease that their child is in safe hands. They can also rely on the sitters to show up on the date and time that has been agreed upon rather than canceling at the last minute.


If you are a parent and you need to hire a babysitter, consider reaching out to a collegegoer. You will get someone who is not only a reliable and mature person to look after your children but will also work for less money than a professional nanny would. Those with a strong education can help your kids with their homework too. And if you’re lucky enough to find a creative and active nanny, they might even teach your kids some interesting skills.

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