Baby’s Development – 7th Month

The 7th month of the first year of life is the period of independence of the child. The child no longer has to wait for the adult to come to him, because he can get to the parent by climbing on his own. By the 7th month of life, children are beginning to understand some words and challenges.

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Motor Development

Unlike in previous months, the child now does not acquire the movement skills of individual parts of the body, but the movement of the whole body – for example, the improvement of climbing, in which the whole body is involved.

In the 7th month of life, the baby stands on all fours, at first he is immobile in this position. However very soon he/she begins to try to move forward.

Climbing is a very important movement because it conditions the development of the back and neck muscles – it is actually a preparation for proper posture.

The development of fine motor skills is very closely related to the development of the game, it influences the development of knowledge, experience and thinking, as well as qualities such as concentration, accuracy, endurance.

💡 TIP: Games for the 7th month of a baby’s life

At the age of 7 months, the child stops grasping small objects with all his fingers, at first the little finger stops participating in the grasp. The child’s ability to translate an object from hand to hand is improved. The child learns to turn things in his hands in different ways. The baby is able to hold one object in each hand and can grab another object in the other hand without releasing the object he/she already has in the other hand.

The child’s movements are more precise: for example, baby bangs in objects on purpose.

Speech Development

You can observe huge progress in the development of speech – at the end of the 6th month of age, the child responds to 2-3 words, he/she turns head towards the object you speak about.

In the 7th month, the baby begins to pronounce diphthong syllables repeatedly like ma-ma-ma-ma, be-be-be-be, etc.

Social Development

The baby draws attention to himself with his/her voice. Baby better understands human facial expressions. He/she responds with a smile to an adult’s smile. The relationship with other people is already different – baby prefers the person who takes care of him/her the most. During this period, baby shows fear or shyness in front of strangers.

Basic characteristics of the child’s development in the 7th month:

The child should learn to climb, stand, walk and overcome easier obstacles in various ways. All this is associated with a large expenditure of energy. The child practices every movement skill with great interest. You should focus on making the child move more by itself, without your direct encouragement.

Another ability is the better interplay and integrity of the movements of the whole body – the behavior and activities of the child acquire a holistic character. In order for a child to learn to climb, stand and walk, baby must combine and carry out the necessary movements that he/she can and performs individually, and do them simultaneously or in the correct sequence.

Exercises for motor development – Games for Babies.

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