Night Vision Baby Monitor: Do baby monitors have night vision?

Do baby monitors have night vision?

Yes, many baby monitors have night vision these days, so you can see your little one in low-light conditions or complete darkness. 

Annie Baby Monitor app uses advanced infrared technology and a green filter overlay to capture detailed images of the baby’s surroundings without disturbing the baby’s sleep. Unlike traditional night vision that glows red and is super visible, green light is subtle and non-intrusive. 

Are night vision cameras safe for babies? 

Yes, night vision baby monitor is generally considered safe due to their low levels of infrared light emission. This type of light, similar to that emitted by common household devices like remote controls, poses no harm to babies. 

Just so you know, the infrared light used in baby monitors is totally safe because it’s non-ionizing radiation. That means it doesn’t have enough energy to hurt the baby’s cells. 

Manufacturers make sure these cameras follow safety regulations and standards to keep your little ones safe. 

Plus, babies aren’t usually exposed to infrared light for too long as baby monitors are only used intermittently, like during naps or overnight.

Night vision cameras used in baby monitors are totally safe. Experts in the fields of child safety, electronics, and health have confirmed this. They’ve evaluated these devices and given their stamp of approval. 

What is the best baby monitor for night vision?

We have reviewed some of the best baby monitor apps for iPhone and Android to help you with your final decision (hint: Annie Baby Monitor is the overall winner).

All of the night vision baby monitor apps that we’ve listed share a common feature, which is the combination of high-definition video quality even in low-light conditions and night vision monitoring. 

We have thoroughly examined each app by focusing on night vision quality, pricing, and feedback from users, as well as their advantages and drawbacks, to provide you with a comprehensive review.

How Do I Use Night Vision Baby Monitor?

  1. Start monitoring: Start off by tapping on “Parent Unit” on your phone. By tapping on the “Camera” icon, you can start video monitoring.
  2. Turn on the night vision: To turn on the night vision, tap on the “Moon” icon.

One useful addition for night vision is a night light with customizable brightness.


Whether you want a little light for feeding time or a dim one for bedtime, the Annie Baby Monitor has got you covered. You can even make it brighter for diapering! Also, you can set how bright the nightlight is. You can adjust it so you don’t disturb your baby’s sleep.

How Do I Use Night Light Baby Monitor?

  1. Start monitoring: Start off by tapping on “Parent Unit” on your phone. By tapping on the “Camera” icon, you can start video monitoring.
  2. Turn on the night light: By tapping on the “Bulb” icon, you will turn on remotely the light on the child unit.
  3. Adjust light brightness: Dra button up or down to adjust the light intensity level.

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