Baby’s Development – 6 Month Milestones

This period is a time of significant changes in the emotional experience of the child and in the field of motor development.

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Motor skills

Some babies learn to crawl at the end of the 6th month, mainly with the help of their hands. If they don’t use their feet to bounce, you can help by holding one foot to the ground. When the child bounces off you, hold the other foot on the ground. Never hold both feet at the same time. The baby needs to adjust the alternating movement mechanism.

In the sixth month, baby transfer objects from hand to hand on purpose, which allows the child to get to know the thing better by turning it over, grasping it in various positions, etc.


When the baby is healthy and happy, he often smiles and laughs out loud when he meets a family acquaintances. The baby hums and is constantly engaged in something. During this period, the baby hardly cries at all. The baby’s relationship with the closest people is so strong at this time, a sudden break with this people could cause a serious disturbance of mental and physical balance. The presence of both mother and father gives baby a sense of security and safety, which is lost when separated from them.

The baby actively establishes contact with his surroundings. By making loud noises. By touching his mother, baby draws attention to himself and watches mother react to his attempts. Baby can already express some of his wishes with behavior.

TIP N.1: It is suitable for the baby to be in the care of a small number of people. If there are too many people around the baby, the number of various stimuli, signals and expressions confuses the baby and makes it impossible to establish deeper emotional relationships.

Establishing social contact

The baby now an attempt to actively establish contact with the mother – for example, the mother does not notice the child, but the child looks at her and tries to draw attention to himself with various sounds.

The following games help to develop a child’s ability to use voice to make contact with the environment:

Calling for a toy:

When the baby is in a “talking” mood, the mother covers her face with something. The baby growls and mom pulls the stuff from her face, laughs and also growls. After a while, mother covers her face again. The baby very quickly understands the principle of the game and begins to shout at his mother to show.

Serving toys:

When the baby makes a sound, the mother gives the baby some object/toy. She lets him play with the object for a while and then gently takes it away. When the baby makes a noise again, mother gives him another toy.

How baby learns to understand words

Before a baby develops active speech – speaking and using words – baby learns to understand words. In order to actively use a word, baby must learn it and create a passive vocabulary.

The reaction to the word (not to the sound of the voice) begins to appear in the child at the 6th month of life under certain conditions. If the baby focuses on the clock, for example, we accompany the observation with the words: tick-tock.

Developing baby’s social skills

During this period visit family, friends and acquaintances. The point is for the baby to get used to strangers and not be afraid to make contact. It is important that one of the parents is always present.

TIP N.2: The basic precondition for activities with baby is his joyful and satisfied mood. Only if the baby is satisfied is it possible to develop his abilities and skills.

Games and toys suitable for children

The most suitable are objects that are colorful and therefore attractive to the baby. During this period, you can play with things that are in the household (such as spoons, wooden spoons, cups, etc.), you teach the baby to hold various objects in his hands. This develops baby’s motor skills. Also suitable is, for example, a ball hanging over a baby’s crib so that it can touch it with his hands and feet, cubes that the child can catch in his hands and bang with them (it would be good not to be too big and make a sound), various rubber toys ( whistling, foam toy that changes shape after squeezing, rubber tube that allows you to create various arches), diaper, paper, etc.

TIP N.3: Toys for the little ones 

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