Baby’s Development – 8 Month Milestones

At the age of 8 months, the baby learns to stand. When the child manages to climb on all fours, he can pull himself by the fence or something similar into an upright kneel on one knee.

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At first, the baby stands motionless and holds very tightly, but later begins to transfer the weight of the body from foot to foot – learning to walk.

Fine Motor Skills

In the 7th month of life, the child’s ability to put an object from hand to hand improved. The child is able to hold a smaller object between the thumb and forefinger.

In the 8th month of life, the baby learns to bang objects one on each other, on the table, and in other objects. The ability to beat softly and hardly is the basis for practicing the careful approach of one object to another.

Game is an important self-developing activity of a child. Thanks to it, the child’s knowledge and experience deepen.

The 8th month of life can be considered as a turning point. The child begins to perform other activities with a cube, others with a rubber doll, others with a diaper. Recognizes the specific possibilities of objects, and thus the possibilities of manipulation. Baby finds out that the cube causes more noise when banging than, for example, a diaper, a stick figure can be bent, a diaper can be crouched, etc.

Speech Development

In the 7th month of life, the child learned to respond to the words of the challenge also with various body movements and began to pronounce and repeat diphthong syllables and yapping (e.g. ma-ma-ma-ma). In the 8th month, the baby duplicates these syllables, e.g. ma-ma, ba-ba. If the child pronounces ma-ma on different occasions and if it is clear that it is a game with speakers, the vocal expressions have the character of chatter. The syllables ma-ma become a word only when it is clear that the baby pronounces it intentionally, in relation to the mother.

Social Development

Relations between the child and the closest people around him are deepening. Stretching hands, yapping, smiling – these are all ways and means for the child to make contact on their own. Baby doesn’t wait for someone to talk to him anymore. So-called social game is also beginning to appear – a game with a person: peekaboo, etc. Children can laugh spontaneously and joyfully. The ability to recognize and mimic gestures improves. With something cheerful baby not only smiles but swears directly with laughter.

Exercises and Games Helping with Development

  • From Left to Right
  • Climbing the Plane
  • Chase Game

All these games you’ll find HERE.

Main Development Tasks in The 8th Month:

  • grasping smaller lying objects,
  • learn to work with the hand and object on the subject,
  • put and build objects,
  • open, empty and fill drawers and boxes,
  • process material of different qualities.

The child learn to distinguish between consent and disagreement, which you express by gesture, facial expression (smile, frown) and words (yes, no). At the same time, you teach the child to express consent and disagreement by moving his head – encourage them to make a yes and no with their head.

Suitable Toys

Expand the set of toys with balls, solid and hollow cubes, a children’s hammer, drum and mallets, rubber animals, toys on wheels, etc. Add various tin boxes, baskets, a bell, a hose, pictures and picture books to the game pool – a folder.

💡 TIP: Toys for the little one’s development

At each activity, motivate the child to want to participate in the activities themselves. All activities and exercises that we have described must be performed voluntarily. If the child is tired or annoyed, stop the activity and have fun with other relaxation activities.

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