Best Baby-Friendly Vacation Places

Holidaying with babies and toddlers can be more challenging than a romantic adult vacation. Have you considered the travel time, the weather, and the child-friendly equipment of the vacation place offers? Have you considered what needs to be discussed?

If you read our article “How to Choose Best Baby-Friendly Vacation Places” then you are prepared. You know how to choose a suitable place for the best baby-friendly vacation and you know what to pack. For those who have not read this article, let’s recall the basic points of it.

What to focus on when traveling with a child?

  1. Location
  2. How to know if the hotel is suitable for children
  3. What type of hotel room do you need when traveling with a child
  4. Bathrooms suitable for children
  5. What type of hotel is best for traveling children

Tips for Traveling With a Newborn:

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Still don’t have a summer and vacation planned? Can’t keep up with this fast summer, and besides, you don’t know where to go so it entertains you and the children and, ideally, also the father? Do you miss inspiration? In this article, I would like to show you the specific Best Baby-Friendly Vacation places.

Grandma and Grandpa House

It is clear to us that in the current situation of coronavirus, not everyone wants to travel abroad. But maybe you want to relax with your partner at least over the weekend, to go somewhere to the spa, wellness or just dinner. Then this is a good holiday choice for your kids. Holidays with grandparents are a classic. Do you remember those times spent with grandparents? The best vacation, almost like all-inclusive! Grandparents will be able to get a little closer to their grandchildren, you can pack as many things as your children want, not to mention toys. A little fresh air in the countryside will never harm and you and your partner can rekindle the spark of love and passion.


We know what you’re thinking: Sailing the open seas with a baby? Are you crazy!? But keep on reading! If you choose the right cruise, you won’t have to schlep around a stroller all day long, and it’s pretty easy to return back to your stateroom every few hours for a little break. Plus, most cruises are equipped to cater to families, even those with small babies. And you’ll never be bored—on most cruise lines, there are deck parties and games, live shows, babysitting services, a variety of cuisines to choose from and you can personalize your excursions to something easy and baby-friendly, like a dip in the pool. In terms of baby-friendly vacations places, this one ranks pretty high up there.

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Beach House

Rent a beach house that’s within driving distance—it’ll be way easier than going through airport security with a baby. This option has a couple of other great benefits too: You’ll save money by buying your own groceries (not to mention you won’t have to bring your baby to a million different restaurants). Plus, you’ll be able to pack all your baby gear without worrying about airline baggage restrictions and fees. And renting a beach house is a great way to get other family members, like your parents or in-laws, together for a few days. Hello, free babysitting!

All-Inclusive Resort

With meals and some activities included, you’ll have all the luxuries already provided and you won’t feel guilty if you don’t end up setting foot outside the resort the whole time. Plus, most all-inclusives will cater to infants, making them some of the best places to vacation with a baby. Some resorts provide baby services for your room, have nannies you can hire when you want some alone time with your partner and daycare or kids’ camp to keep baby entertained while you enjoy the golf course, spa, pool, or just the romantic dinner.

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Not-So-Baby-Friendly Vacations to Avoid

These vacation options might sound fun at first, but trust us, these spots don’t make the list of best places to vacation with a baby. We advise you to do not to consider these destinations until your infant is older.

Exotic Destinations

You might want to hold off on any plans to go to Southeast Asia or Africa for now. Any place where the baby would need special immunizations or malaria pills is probably not worth the stress right now.

Somewhere More Than Six Hours Away

A quick fly will likely be okay—baby should be good for a short time, but if not, you’ll be off the plane in just a couple of hours. Extend the plane ride over the span of several meals or naptimes, though, and you’re could be asking for trouble.


Bugs, bears and the whims of Mother Nature? That doesn’t exactly sound like the best baby vacation destination. In fact, a camping trip will probably just mean a ton of work. Think about the logistics of baby-safe activities, where to put stinky diapers and how in the world you’re going to fit a portable crib in your tent. Unless you’re super outdoorsy, when you go on vacation with baby, you want something a bit more relaxing.


Sure, B&Bs were a perfect getaway when it was just you and your partner, but now that you’re planning a vacation with baby, it probably won’t work. You’ll constantly worry that baby’s cries are waking (or annoying) everyone in the house. And you might not be able to borrow baby gear like a crib or high chair or have access to other baby-friendly needs a larger hotel might offer.

Final Tip: Making the Most of Baby-Friendly Vacation Places with Annie Baby Monitor

When planning a family vacation to the best baby-friendly destinations, you want to make sure your little one is always safe and comfortable.

That’s why the Annie Baby Monitor is a must-have for your travel checklist!

It’s designed for parents on the go, with an unlimited range, real-time video streaming, audio capabilities, motion and cry detection. This means you can keep an eye on your baby even when you’re out and about.

So, as you venture to the best baby-friendly vacation spots, make sure you pack the Annie Baby Monitor. It’ll give you the peace of mind you need to enjoy your trip and create unforgettable memories with your baby.

And that’s what family vacations are all about, right?

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