Baby Alerts: Sound Detection and Motion Detection

It’s super important to have a baby monitor that alerts you to sound (cry) and motion detection. Baby alerts ensure your baby’s safety by letting you know if any sound, cry or movement is detected. 

You can relax and go about your day without worrying because you’ll be notified if your baby needs attention, even if you’re in another part of the house or asleep. 

Plus, baby alerts also help you catch any potential issues early, like if your baby is feeling sick or uncomfortable, allowing you to act quickly.

However, keep in mind that these baby alerts might not be perfect and can sometimes be triggered by other sounds or noises. That’s why it’s best to set up the sensitivity precisely for your environment to avoid false alerts.

How Do I Use Baby Alerts in Baby Monitor?

  1. Start monitoring: Start off by tapping on “Parent Unit” on your phone. By tapping on the “Camera” icon, you can start video monitoring.
  2. Turn on cry detection and set up sensitivity: Tap on the Setting icon. Set up the strength of sound detection intensity – choose between Low, Medium and High strength.
    • Low strength 👉 reaction to any noise.
    • Medium strength 👉 reaction to speaking.
    • Hight strength 👉 reaction to loud crying.

Adjusting the sound sensitivity levels determines how sensitive the camera is to your baby’s cry. For a quiet sleeper, adjust the sound sensitivity volume to the first bar. This tells the camera to detect subtle sounds and will turn on your video monitor even if your baby makes a little noise.

  1. Turn on sound detection alert: Annie Baby Monitor will alert you whenever sound or loud crying is detected.
  2. Turn on motion detection and sensitivity: Tap on the Setting icon. Set up the strength of motion detection intensity – choose between Low, Light and High strength. 
    • Low strength 👉 reaction to LARGE motion (rolling, crawling, etc.).
    • Medium strength 👉 reaction to NORMAL motion (moving).
    • Hight strength 👉 reaction to SMALL detection (yawing or stretching).
  3. Turn on “Recordings” if you want to save recordings when detected motion.
  4. Turn on motion detection alert: Annie Baby Monitor will alert you whenever motion is detected.

Personalise Your Baby Alerts: Filter the Notifications That You Need

In the Annie Baby Monitor app, you can manage your baby alerts in the Notifications section. Choose between alerts and set up only those which are important for you:

  • Baby unit disconnected from charger 👉 Device “Child” is unplugged from charging.
  • Discharged baby unit 👉 Baby unit battery level is below 10%.
  • Sound detection 👉 Baby unit noise level exceeds a set threshold.
  • Monitoring interrupted 👉 Baby unit disconnects from monitoring.
  • Motion detection 👉 Motion detected.
  • Automatic video recording when motion is detected 👉 Motion detection video uploaded.

These filters allow you to zero in on the information that’s most relevant to you at any given moment, so you don’t have to scroll through a series of notifications that aren’t relevant to you.

Tips on Using Baby Alerts: Sound Detection and Motion Detection

  • Place the camera closer to the baby to more accurately detect audio and motion.
  • Adjust the sensitivity settings for sound and motion detection. Experiment with these settings to find the right balance between sensitivity and false alarms.
  • Take some time to understand your baby’s sleep patterns and typical movements. This will help you interpret alerts more accurately.
  • Occasionally test the alert system to make sure it’s working correctly. 

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