Picture in Picture Baby Monitor: What Is PiP Mode on a Baby Monitor

What is pip mode on a baby monitor?

“Pip mode” on a baby monitor means Picture-in-Picture mode. With this mode, you can look after your baby while doing other stuff on your phone’s screen. 

It’s a handy feature that lets you multitask without losing sight of your baby.

How Do I Use Picture in Picture Baby Monitor?

With our PiP feature, when you minimize the Annie Baby Monitor app, a small pop-up window will open up on the bottom right. This will enable you to open different apps on your phone while still being able to monitor your baby.

  1. Start monitoring: Start off by tapping on “Parent Unit” on your phone. By tapping on the “Camera” icon, you can start video monitoring.
  2. Turn on the Picture in Picture: Tap on the PiP icon to start monitoring in the new window.
  3. Navigate the PiP feature: If you single-tap on the PiP video, you’ll see a cross in the top left corner and a PiP icon in the top right corner. To close the PiP video, tap on the cross. To go back to the full-screen video view, tap the PiP icon.
  4. Place the PiP anywhere: Long-hold the PiP and move it anywhere on the screen.

📖 Explore the must-have features of baby monitor.

Here are some things you can do (thanks to PiP)

  1. Catch up on the latest episode of your favourite show while keeping an eye on your little one.
  2. Scroll through Instagram or TikTok while watching your baby.
  3. Enjoy a well-deserved cup of coffee while checking your emails without worrying about your baby’s wakeups.
  4. No need to compromise on your secret love for phone games anymore: Play a round of Candy Crush while also keeping an eye on your baby.
  5. Multitask like a pro. Shop, search, scroll, and read, all while monitoring your baby’s sleep.
  6. Need to make an important phone call but don’t want to turn off your baby monitor? No worries! With our PiP feature, you can make your calls while also keeping an eye on your little one.
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