60 Bilingual Girls Names

September 22, 2020 3:30 pm

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A bilingual name is a name of a person that is spelled, if not pronounced, exactly the same in two languages. The speakers of a certain language usually have names that do not exist in another language. Even when the name has a common root or refers to the same historic or religious figure, different languages will spell and pronounce the name in a unique way.

Choosing a baby’s name is never easy, and choosing a bilingual baby name can be even more complicated.


Here are the gorgeous bilingual names for girls that translate well between English and especially Spanish, French, and Italian.

Girls Names in Spanish and English

1. Adriana

2. Ana

3. Angela

4. Bianca

5. Camila

6. Carla

7. Carolina

8. Celeste

9. Clara

10. Claudia

11. Cristina

12. Daniella

13. Elena

14. Emilia

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15. Eva

16. Gabriella

17. Gloria

18. Isabela

19. Liliana

20. Lucia

21. Maria

22. Monica

23. Olivia

24. Paola

25. Sara

26. Sofia

27. Valentina

28. Veronica

29. Victoria

30. Zara

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Girls Names in French and English

1. Adele

2. Adrianna

3. Amelie

4. Annette

5. Eleanore

6. Evelyn

7. Gabrielle

8. Helene

9. Jacqueline

10. Jolie

11. Mariana

12. Margot

13. Melodie

14. Nadine

15. Zoe

Girls Names in Italian and English

1. Adele

2. Alessandra

3. Alice

4. Anna

5. Bianca

6. Carlotta

7. Caterina

8. Elena

9. Emily

10. Maria

11. Matilde

12. Mia

13. Sara

14. Sofia

15. Valentina

 More inspiration for baby names:

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Baby Names

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