How to Raise a Successful Child as a Single Parent

A single parent can be a woman or a man. According to the Statista Research Department, about 3.27 million children live with a single father, and about 15.31 million children live with a single mother in the US.

At each stage of growing up and raising a child, a parent can face new difficulties. For example, how to behave with a child of the opposite sex, dating issues, etc. We sorted out the most common problems and prepared five practical tips on how to raise a successful and happy child for single parents.

Common Challenges Single Parents Face

A person can become a single parent for various reasons. Divorce, death, and separation leave parents without the opportunity to share responsibilities.

Single parents’ problems most often include cutting their expenses and moving to a cheaper neighborhood or a smaller home. It is also required that the single parent combine the roles of both parents with the child’s upbringing.

Here are some more common problems single parents may face raising a baby on their own:


Raising a child as a single parent inevitably comes with loneliness. Moreover, if you lost a spouse due to dissolution or death, it can be a complicated experience since you likely relied on your partner before that.

Loneliness can provoke negative emotions in a parent, which primarily affect children. Irritability and anger can harm the child’s psyche.

Your child will depend on you. So you should redirect negative emotions into more productive actions. Concentrate on positive moments and things that make you happy, and spend more time with your children.

As long as you have your children, you will never be alone.

Negative Child Behavior

When a parent brings up a child alone, they may face problematic child behavior. For example, many experts say boys become more aggressive in single-parent families and girls quieter.

Negative behavior affects a child’s socialization, interaction with peers, and school performance. There may also be misunderstandings between single parents and teens.

The parent can solve this issue by paying more attention to the child’s discipline. It can be achieved by distributing home duties, thereby teaching the child sense of responsibility and self-discipline. In addition, you can contact a psychologist for advice.

Your child’s negative behavior doesn’t make you a bad parent. It’s their reaction to the new change.

Financial Burden

Raising a child alone is financially tricky because all financial obligations fall on one parent. As a result, the parent may need to work. Some single parents take on additional part-time jobs so that their child does not experience a lack of financial support.

The need to work harder takes away valuable time spent with the child. It can become grounds for further estrangement between parent and kid. It is required to maintain constant contact with your child to prevent alienation even at a distance.

5 Tips On How to Raise Successful Kids

Every parent wants successful kids. There are plenty of methods for raising a high-achieving child. However, we offer you to try the time-tested ones below.

1. Communicate With Kids

Communication is the key to a healthy parent-child relationship. No matter how busy a parent is, they should allocate time every day to communicate with their children. 

You can talk about things at meals, in the car, while shopping. It is essential to show that the parent is genuinely interested in their child’s thoughts.

2. Let Children Choose Their Life Path

Some parents think they know better what is best for their child. However, it can only kill any child’s desire to succeed.

Parents should pay attention to the child’s interests, desires, and talents. They should encourage their hobbies and help with them. 

Show your support in their endeavors. For example, if your child is interested in baseball, you can enroll them in a baseball club or start playing with them outside.

3. Boost Your Child’s Self-Esteem

Raising a child alone, a parent may notice that the child is depressed and doubts their abilities. You can fix this by telling famous rags to riches stories. The world is full of successful people who have proven that all is possible.

A parent should show that they believe in their children and see them as successful people when they grow up.

4. Encourage Good Behavior

As a single mom or dad, it can be hard for you to discipline your child because you want to pamper them more so that they do not feel the absence of a second parent. However, clear boundaries and rules give children a sense of security and teach them life order.

Encourage your child to express anger or frustration verbally. You can also teach your child to project their negative emotions into drawing or playing sports. Divide household chores and thank them for doing them.

5. Read Books On Raising Successful Children

Parenting successful kids also means constantly improving your upbringing skills and methods. Here is a small list of books on raising successful daughters and sons:

When raising a successful son or daughter, do not focus only on the high achievements of your children. Let them know that mistakes and failures are okay. We learn from them and grow as individuals.

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Written By: Natalie Maximets

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