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Is It Possible To Fold an Evenflo Stroller?

Here’s the thing:
There are many models of Evenflo strollers on the market, each with its distinct features, specifications, and of course, folding technique. 

You see:
Folding your Evenflo stroller might prove difficult at first. 

However, with time and practice, you will understand your stroller’s specific folding technique.

As such:
We suggest you begin by following the steps outlined below. 

How to Fold an Evenflo Stroller

The best way to fold an Evenflo stroller varies, depending on the model you have. However, you can collapse most Evenflo strollers by tugging the folding strap or pushing the lever/button on both sides of the handlebar frame. Only a few stroller models utilize the one-fold stroller release mechanism.

While traditional baby strollers have their benefits, it’s worth noting there’s a versatile alternative: baby stroller wagons. These hybrid models offer the convenience of a stroller but with the added space of a wagon, making them ideal for families who are always on the go. If you’re interested in this option, check out our detailed guide on baby stroller wagons.

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Steps For Folding 6 Evenflo Stroller Models 

To help you fold your Evenflo stroller quickly and seamlessly, we’ve provided basic information on how to fold six popular Evenflo strollers. 

1. Evenflo Sibby Travel System Stroller

Get this:

The Evenflo Sibby travel system stroller features a lift-to-fold design that enhances portability and storage in small spaces.   


The stroller has an adjustable footrest and a 3-panel canopy with a peek-a-boo window. Thus, allowing you to check on your child at intervals. 

Follow these steps to fold this stroller model:

Step 1: Retract the canopy of the stroller. 

Step 2: Push back the material in the middle of the sitting area till you locate the thin strap.

Step 3: Tug the strap and lift it in an upward direction

Step 4: Use the latch by the sides of the stroller to pull it together before storing it away. 

2. Evenflo Journey 300 Travel System Stroller


The Evenflo Journey 300 travel system stroller is ideal for parents on the go

Alongside a multi-position reclining seat, this stroller has an infant seat pad, providing comfort for babies. 


The stroller has a washable seat cover and multiple storage options, including trays and baskets. 

Here’s how to fold this stroller model:

Step 1: Find the folding strap placed around the hood area of the stroller. It’s just below the middle of the handles. 

Step 2: Grip the folding strap with one hand. Then, lift it upward while holding the front of the stroller with your other hand. 

Step 3: Pull the stroller towards you while tugging the strap until it collapses into a compact form.

After this:
You can store your Evenflo stroller safely pending subsequent use.  

3. Evenflo Pivot Modular Travel System Stroller

Know this:

The Evenflo Pivot Modular stroller is a multipurpose travel stroller. It is an excellent combination of a carriage, stroller, and car seat. 

The stroller transforms effortlessly from an infant car seat to a stroller with carriage mode. 

You see:

The carriage mode is superb for kids and offers a warm shield for babies on chillier days.

What’s more:
This stroller includes a large canopy with a peek-a-boo window, a food tray, and a self-standing fold.

But the million-dollar question is:

How do you fold it? Simply follow the steps below: 

Step 1: Remove the stroller seat.

Step 2: Lock the rear brakes.

Step 3: Locate the lever on both sides of the handlebar and pull them simultaneously towards you until the lock clicks in place.

Step 4: Fold your stroller and store it carefully.

4. Evenflo Pivot Xpand Stroller


This stroller comes with large cruiser tires, front-wheel swivel, and rear-wheel suspension. 

Consequently, the Evenflo pivot Xpand stroller is excellent for long walks or strolls.

It features a 3-position seat recline, a 5-position adjustable footrest, a flex-hold cup holder, and an extra-large storage basket. 

One more thing:

This stroller folds compactly and self-stands with a toddler seat attached.

Here’s a guide to folding this stroller model:

Step 1: Find the push-button at the sides of the handlebar and pull it up towards you. The stroller will begin to fold itself. 

Step 2: Pull the stroller together with your hands. 

Step 3: Toggle the latch at the side frame of your stroller till it’s in a horizontal position and is locked in place.

5. Evenflo Otto Self-folding Stroller


The most exciting feature of this Evenflo stroller model is its ability to fold itself entirely at the push of one button. 

Conveniently use one hand to activate the push-button to fold your stroller while you hold your baby with the other.


The Evenflo Otto self-fold stroller comes with an accent bumper bar and harness covers. It also sports a canopy with a peek-a-boo window. 

Here’s how to fold this stroller model:

Step 1: Find the push button in the middle of the handlebar.

Step 2: Press the button and watch your stroller fold itself automatically. 

Step 3: Store in a suitable area. 

6. Evenflo Pivot Xplore Stroller


The Evenflo Pivot Xplore smoothly transforms from a stroller to a wagon by flipping the handle.

This model enables parents to either push as a stroller or pull as a wagon.


Its other features include all-terrain wheels, sun-shielding canopies, a snack tray, and a storage bin.

Follow these steps to fold this stroller model:

Step 1: Push the basket into the front seat of the stroller and retract the canopy.

Step 2: Retract the canopy of the second seat and lower the stroller seat.

Step 3: Pull down the handlebar till it’s locked in place. 

Step 4: Grab the push-button on both sides of the stroller to fold it. 

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Here’s the thing:
According to Evenflo, all their strollers ensure a smooth, comfortable ride and are suitable for all terrains.

You can see from the steps outlined above that folding your Evenflo stroller is a simple task. 

However, you should keep these things in mind:

  • All Evenflo strollers do not utilize one folding technique. 
  • Check your stroller’s model before attempting to fold it. Also, consult your user manual if you can’t find the levers or push buttons. 
  • If your stroller isn’t among the above listed, you can visit the Evenflo customer support page for assistance.

If you run into issues while folding your Evenflo stroller or have any questions, please let us know in the comment section below. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Folding the Evenflo Stroller

How Do I Collapse an Evenflo Stroller?

There’s no one way to fold all Evenflo strollers. While some models require a one-fold stroller release mechanism in folding them, others utilize push buttons.

How Do You Fold the Evenflo Pivot Stroller?

To do this, simultaneously push the button on both sides of the handlebar towards you until the lock clicks in place. Pull your stroller together and use the lever by the side of the stroller to keep it intact.

How Do You Fold Up an Evenflo Sibby Stroller?

To fold the Evenflo Sibby stroller, find the small folding strap in the seating area of the stroller. Tug the strap, pull it upwards, and the stroller will fold.

How Do You Close a Stroller?

The most common way to close a stroller is by toggling the lever at the side horizontally. Then, pull the stroller together and lock it in place for easy carriage or storage.

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