22. 03. 2022
How to Choose Cute Summer Outfits For Toddlers?

For families, especially with small children, summer beckons vacation fun! However, dressing toddlers for summer is actually more challenging than you think. You will need to make sure your cutie pie is cool and comfy...

15. 03. 2022
When Will My Baby WALK

Whether your toddler is ass-sliding on the ground or staggering on feet, he/she will soon take his first step. How it will happen? Some babies take their first steps as early as nine months of their life comes, while...

08. 03. 2022
How Much Sleep Does Baby Need?

Making sure your baby gets enough sleep is typically a high priority for every parent. Babies spend the majority of their day sleeping. The normal amount of time that babies sleep depends on their age. Here are general...

01. 03. 2022
5 Tips How to Use Baby Monitor Effectively

Using Annie as your baby monitor is super simple. All you need is Annie Baby Monitor app and at least two devices. You don’t need to buy any new devices, use those you already have – smartphone, tablet, laptop,...

22. 02. 2022
Baby’s Development – 10 Month Old Milestones

<< Back to 9th Month Go to 11th Month >> In the last quarter of the first year, the child is already quite independent. He/she can climb and get on and off the sofa. You have to pay more attention to...

15. 02. 2022
How the App Annie Baby Monitor Works

Annie Baby Monitor is a mobile app for baby monitoring. This baby monitor was created for parents by parents who were struggling to stay close to their baby wherever they were and whatever they did. The app is...

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