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5 Minutes for Mom: Take Time for Yourself

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Work, kids, housework, family events, paying bills. Responsibilities and no time for yourself? How do you take time for yourself?

For women, mothers, self-neglect is typical. They tend to “sacrifice” themselves for the good of family, children, partner, career, etc. How can you make time for yourself in the daily cycle? We have 5 tips for you!

01| Find Out What You Need

Everyone is different. And so the needs for time for yourself are different and change according to the current situation. If you are a parent of a three-month-old baby, you need more time to relax. If the baby is older, the worries diminish, and you need less time for recovery.

You have to set a basic minimum. Fifteen minutes a day is enough for some people. Another parent might prefer one evening a week or maybe one weekend a month.

At the same time, think about how you will use this time for yourself. Do you want to start practicing yoga? Or take a painting class? Or just relax and read a book? Sleep? There’s nothing wrong. Do whatever you want to do to get the best rest you can.

02| Schedule

Now you need to make your desires more specific. Get yourself a monthly or yearly calendar and plan your activities as if the children didn’t exist.

Write down all your alone activities. So that you feel that even with all your responsibilities, you will also find time for your own life. Make time for yourself.

03| Save Some Time

You should think about how to save some time to finding time for yourself. Maybe you can delegate some duties to others.

Older children can tidy their room by themselves. A partner can do the shopping on the way home from work. Grandparents will be happy to look after your little one once a week.

Ask for help. Save yourself some time. Take time for yourself.

04| Communicate With Partner

Discuss your idea with your partner and create a compromise. You are both parents in equal measure. That’s why you should both be involved with the child.

Don’t think about whether you’re asking too much of your partner. The husband should be able to be involved in the care of the child. It’s the little things. Bathing the baby in the evening, putting the baby to sleep at night, weekend playdates. But it should also be solo babysitting. Ideally, every mom needs one full day a week to take time for yourself. Or at least two hours a day. If that’s not possible, then even afternoon is better than nothing.

Discuss your idea with your partner and create a compromise. First, explain to him why you need to take time for yourself. How you feel, how tired you are and that those few hours alone time for yourself will benefit the whole family.

There should be three adults per child.

It is this luxury that would allow mothers to take time for yourself. Why three adults to one child, you ask? Because if you want to raise a child with a clear conscience. Not screaming a the child. Having time and energy for the child. You have to be internally at ease yourself.

In order to be at ease, you need to sleep, rest, relax, get some distance and make time for yourself.

But a mom who is alone for one to three children and her husband is at work until the evening. Grandparents somewhere far away or not a possibility. 

You can’t do that in peace and calm. Precisely because the mother has no time for yourself, she is often fussy, sad, nervous, forces the children to play alone, blames the children for not being able to play alone, for always nagging her, asking for things, talking back, etc.

Every situation, even if seemingly unsolvable, has a solution. And we know the solution! Get a helper.

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05| Get a Helper – Annie Baby Monitor

Finding time for yourself is hard. Especially if you don’t have sitter – partner, grantparents, babysitter. That’s why we developed the Annie Baby Monitor. Annie isn’t just for monitoring baby. But it’s also designed to help every parent take time for yourself.

With the Annie baby monitor app there is no need for any babysitting. Learn how to relax with a baby. A lot of women think that there’s generally nothing much harder about motherhood than juggling kids, home and work. Keep the Annie Baby Monitor app handy. And you’ll find time to relax and work, too.

It’s all about what you want to do with your free time for yourself. Read, bake, create, work, take a bath or exercise. Anything and everything is possible with Annie Baby Monitor app.

All you need are two devices – phone, tablet, computer, Apple Watch. Download the Annie Baby Monitor app to both devices from Google Play or the Apple Store. Pair your devices. And you can start enjoying the much-needed time for yourself!

Do not forget your needs. It can have a very negative effect on your mental health, which will affect the whole family. Download the Annie Baby Monitor. And take time for yourself every day.

Take Time for Yourself: FAQ

1. Why is it important to take time for yourself?

The exhaustion of taking care of children and family all day leads to stress and a bad mood, which affects the entire family. Finding time for yourself is, therefore, a good choice not only for the parent. But for the whole family. Parent will be able to cope more easily with the children, will laugh more often, and will be rested and full of energy. And, of course, will be happy to be with children again.

2. Is it OK to take time for yourself?

In order to be healthy and happy, you must take care of yourself mentally. By taking time for yourself, you will be able to take care of anyone (or anything) else, so always make yourself a priority.

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3. How do I make time for myself?

Get a helper. Leave the baby with your partner. Take the baby to the grandparents. Hire a babysitter. Or get an Annie Baby Monitor – while baby sleeps, you can have some undisturbed time to yourself.

💡 TIP: To recharge the needed energy, it is good to have two hours for yourself once a week, once a month, or longer, for example, six hours. But where to find that free time? READ MORE

4. What happens if you don’t take time for yourself?

Unless you take care of yourself, you won’t be able to give your best in all areas of your life. It will not take long before you become burnt out and unable to cope with day-to-day tasks.

Fatigue, irritability, nervousness and frustration. All this is waiting for you if you don’t make time for yourself.

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