how to reduce stress during the holidays

Best Way How to Reduce Stress During the Holidays

Welcome to 2022 holiday season, which starts just after Halloween, rises until Thanksgiving, and continues to gain speed through the end of the year. 

Even though this time of year is supposed to be filled with love and joy, for many people (especially parents) it also signals the beginning of the holiday stress.

In fact:

More than 80% of us find the holiday season to be “extremely” stressful. So, why do I get stressed when I’m on holidays?


Here’s a guide on how to reduce stress during the holidays.

What is Holiday Stress?

When you spend your entire vacation together with your family, arguments that are usually just a small annoyance might turn into huge sources of irritation.

The following mental health conditions are among those that may worsen around the holidays: 

– Short temper/anger 

– Anxiety/panic attacks/depression  

– Increased alcohol or drug usage

– Mood swings 

– Manic episodes

Facts about Holiday Stress

There are more issues besides time, money, and gift-buying that contribute to people’s stress over the holidays. Among them are the following: 

– Traveling with kids 

– Family pressure

– The cost of travel and buying gifts 

– Potential transfer problems and delays 

– Managing other people’s expectations 


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Holiday Stress Statistics

Study shows that up to 69 % of people experience stress due to a “lack of time,”. 51 % of people are anxious about the “pressure to buy or receive gifts,” and 69 % are anxious about feeling like they have “not enough money.”

People are rushing to buy gifts for loved ones, and therefore, they feel overwhelmed.

5 Tips to Avoid Holiday Stress

Recognize your stress triggers

Stress trigger (e.g., anxiety, insomnia, or sadness) can cause headaches, cold, or pain. The difficulty during the holidays is that stressors might be related to finances, family and interpersonal connections, or both.

What set you off during holidays? Are you worried about your holiday shopping or vacation plans? The first step to reducing stress is becoming aware.

Make to-do lists

Do not become enmeshed in the season’s flurry of activity. Making to-do lists is one way to carve out some time for yourself, which is crucial. Write down everything needed to be done and get better at managing.

Making lists will also help you stay organized and on task overall, lowering your stress levels over the Christmas season. Schedule time for yourself and your family outdoors when walking or doing favorite sport.

Share the responsibility

The entire family should be invested in preparations and feel that they are responsible for something in the process. Therefore, express your needs in advance and divide the workload from the initial planning and packing stages through the journey and the actual vacation. The perfect way how to reduce stress during the holidays.

Kids naturally want to be challenged and pushed the envelope. They are more inclined to support the strategy if they are involved in it. You will all have various interests, so not everyone will enjoy the things you do together. To try and satisfy everyone is unrealistic.

Give yourself holiday ME-TIME

To overlook your needs when holiday time comes, it’s natural. Include time specifically for you in your holiday plan. Try volunteering to assist those in need. Be less on your phone and spend time with your loved ones. Relax, bathe, and prepare for the joy of the season!

Stay healthy 

It can be easy to stray from your regular healthy eating, drinking, and exercise routines when there are so many parties and holiday traditions centered around food. Put more effort towards maintaining those healthy routines. For example, decide to drink in moderation and go for a walk. More than ever, we must try to maintain our physical and mental health.

Holiday Stress Busters 💡

· Keep it healthy

· Exercise or go for a walk 

· Relax or meditate 

· Get enough sleep 

Why Do I Get Stressed when I’m on Holidays?

Spending time with your family can be stressful. Try to create some new joyful memories to overcome the stress. 36% of respondents worry that something will go wrong on the first day of their vacation.

How Can I Stop Being Stressed around the Holidays

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