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Quick Shopping Guide: 8 Best White Noise Apps and Toys for Baby

For parents, putting a newborn to sleep is never easy. Without proper help it is challenging and at times becomes almost, if not, impossible. That is where white noise apps and toys for baby come in.

White noise apps and toys help most newborns sleep better because it is designed to mimic the swishing, shushing, and whooshing sound the baby listened to from the inside during their stay in the womb. 

White noise apps and toys for baby can help block unnecessary sounds, soothe a cranky baby and help the whole family get better sleep

Best examples?

Well, that’s why you are here. In this post, we will go over eight good options and the specifics of what makes excellent white noise apps and toys.

But first:

Take a quick look at how they compare on a scale of 1-10…

Rating Summary Table of White Noise Apps And Toys

ProductFeaturesUser-friendlyValue for moneyOverall Rating
1. Annie Baby Monitor9/10      10/10        9/109.5/10
2. Dreamegg D1110/10      9/10        9/109.5/10
3. Tommee tippee grofriend9/10      10/10        8/10  9/10
4. White noise lite8.5/10      9/10        10/10  9/10
5. Ewan the sheep8/10      10/10        8/10  8/10
6. White noise baby7/10      8/10        10/107.5/10
7. Sound sleeper white noise7/10      8/10        7/10  7/10
8. MyHummy bear6/10      8/10        5/10  6/10

Today’s 8 Best White Noise Apps and Toys for Baby

1. Dreamegg D11 White Noise Machine

Dreamegg D11 White Noise Machine is one of the best white noise machine for a newborn. It comes with up to 11 sounds including white noise and lullabies.

The Dreamegg D11 is small but mighty

Sounds including white nose, lullabies, ocean sounds, music box, shushing, vacuum cleaner, brook, fair sound, fetal tone, fan sound, and cricket

Coming to the speaker quality, the sounds are crisp and clear.

This device is also packed with a rechargeable internal battery. The battery lasts all night but you can also choose to keep it plugged in at all times so that it doesn’t run out of charge. This makes this white-noise machine ideal for traveling. 

The white noise machine also has an inclusion of a night light. The light comes with an adjustable light intensity.

up to 11 soothing white noise soundsneeds to be charged almost every day
small and portable
compact design
nightlight feature

Final Verdict

Should you buy this? Well, the Dreamegg D11 is a good white noise machine. It is a convenient choice. You can select from 11 sounds including white noise and lullabies. Plus, it has some other great features like a timer and nightlight. Overall, it’s a good purchase.

🛒Shop here

2. Ewan the Sheep

Ewan the sheep is the bestselling white noise toy on Amazon. Plays five soothing sounds that imitate those heard in the womb. It also emits a soft pink glow to mimic the womb. 

Ewan is a cute and cuddly sheep that plays white noise.

It comes with a selection of sounds that includes real recordings of a mother’s womb and heartbeat. It also includes the rhythmic human voice saying SHUSH that helps babies go into a deep sleep. 

This white noise toy also has a choice of 3 exciting sounds including a harp melody, vacuum cleaner, and rainfall all accompanied by the sound of a resting heartbeat

plays 5 soothing white noise soundsCons
soft and snugglysound only plays for 20 minutes
easy to useuses AAA batteries that run out quickly
comes with a nightlight
authentic natural sounds
has a Velcro tail for easy attachment

Final Verdict

Is Ewan the sheep a good investment? Well yes it is. You can select from 5 soothing sounds including the rhythmic voice saying SHUSH and real recordings of a mother’s womb. 

🛒Shop here

3. Myhummy Bear

Myhummy bear is the only white noise toy on our list that can be connected to an app via bluetooth. Comes with five different relaxing sounds. 

Sounds include sea waves, showers, hairdryer, vacuum cleaner, and amniotic fluid with a heartbeat to remind babies of their time in the womb.

The bear has a sleep sensor located within the sound device that recognizes your baby’s cry. As soon as your baby starts to stir the sound device automatically turns on to play the last sound produced. You can also allow it to play for 12 hours non stop.

5 sound optionsbatteries run out quickly
automatically switches off onto standby mode expensive
automatically turns on when baby cries
app option
bluetooth connectivity
12-hour non-stop play option

Final Verdict

Is Myhummy Bear forth it? It is the only white noise toy that can play for 12 hours straight and features five relaxing sounds. However, if you want to take advantage of all that the Bear offers – including Bluetooth and a sleep sensor. The Myhummy Bear is not worth the price.

🛒Shop here

4. Tommee Tippee Grofield Baby Sound and Light Sleep Aid

This cute little owl called Ollie plays 6 comforting sounds to lull your baby into peaceful slumber.

Ollie is a dual-purpose white noise machine which also serves as a cuddle buddy.

Sounds include rainfall, brahms lullaby, hush baby, twinkle twinkle little star, static white noise, and heartbeat.

Three light settings create a soothing environment for the baby.  

A key feature of the Ollie white noise toy is the cry sensor, which listens wisely to your baby. If your baby unsettle or starts crying. Ollie automatically activates to keep the baby calm. The owl will come back on with the last known setting and soothe your little darling and lull them back to sleep. 

6 comforting soundsthe USB charging cable is short
owl is soft and tactile
cry sensor – automatically starts
USB charging option

Final Verdict 

Is Oliie as good as it looks? The answer is YES. Plays 6 comforting sounds. Ollie is also packed with a noise sensor which restarts the white noise to soothe the baby back to sleep. This toy is solid, straightforward, and works great

🛒Shop here

5. Baby Sleep-White Noise

Baby Sleep-White Noise allows you to mix white noise, brown noise and pink noise to create a tranquilizing atmosphere to lull your baby into a deep slumber. 

This white noise apps for baby is a free app that comes with 40 relaxing sound options. Sounds include nature, soothing, household, transport, lullabies and calming shush-shush sounds.

For full flexibility, the app works offline. It offers a timer to play sounds for the amount of time you require. 

40 sounds to choose fromthe free version comes with ads
white, pink and brown noise
free to use
works offline

Final Verdict

Should you choose this app? Well, baby sleep-white noise is a free app with over 40 sounds to choose from. It also has the option to mix white, brown and pink noise to create new sounds your baby likes. So, this white noise app is at least worth trying.

📲Download here

Android 🤖 Baby Sleep – White Noise – Apps on Google Play

6. Annie Baby Monitor

Annie baby monitor app that works as a white noise app as well.

This baby monitor app allows you to keep a close eye on your children to make sure they are safe and sound while doubling up as a sleeping aid.

The best thing about this app is the number of features it comes with. The player plays over 15 white noises and lullabies – from natural noises, household noises, and musical instruments to the sound of mom’s heart. Also contains festive songs transformed into lullabies.

Annie also helps make your baby’s sleeping environment cozier – the night light feature. You can set a brightness that will suit your baby’s needs.

15 lullabiescan only try the free app for three days 
15 white noises
festive lullabies and white noise (Halloween & Christmas)
baby monitor with audio and video
other valuable features – live stream HD video, movement detection, battery alert and a lot more
convenient price

Final Verdict

The Annie baby monitor is the best multi-purpose app on our list. You can play over 15 white noises and lullabies. This app not only sends your baby into a peaceful slumber but also doubles as a baby monitor. Annie app is affordable to use with a free trial option. Overall, the app is an excellent purchase. 

📲Download here

Android 🤖 Annie Baby Monitor – Apps on Google Play

iOS 🍏 Annie Baby Monitor – Apps on App Store

7. Sound Sleeper White Noise

The Sound Sleeper White Noise app has a collection of white noise, nature sounds, and lullabies that can put some weight on your little one’s eyelids.

It comes with the sounds of rain, a vacuum cleaner, a womb, and more. You can record your voice to comfort your baby.

The app has three modes. Play mode to put your baby to bed, listen mode to help them stay asleep, and sleep tracking mode to keep track of their sleeping patterns.

To get the most out of this app you have to purchase it but the free version also works well. 

collection of white noise and lullabiesfree version comes with limitations 
you can record your lullabies
sleep tracker included
wake up sensor – automatically play white noise

Final Verdict

Should you download this app? Sound Sleeper White Noise is a good option for parents on a budget. The app also comes with hush and shush sounds. So parents don’t have to do the shushing. The sleep tracker on the app helps keep track of the baby’s healthy sleeping habits.

📲 Download here: 

Android 🤖 Sound Sleeper White Noise – Apps on Google Play

iOS 🍏 Sound Sleeper White Noise – Apps on App Store

8. White Noise Baby

If your little one has sleep trouble, apps like white noise baby may work wonders. The app comes with a plethora of white noise and classic music to make babies fall asleep quickly.

The app also taps into classical music genres such as Brahms’s lullaby, Mozart’s Sonata Facile, Beethoven’s Fur Elise, and more.

To keep your baby calm and sleep better, white noise baby come with sounds that include air conditioning, car rides, train ride, truck ride, heartbeats, ultrasounds, a hairdryer, a fan, a vacuum cleaner, grandfather clock, a wind chime and more.

The sleep monitor turns on when it hears your baby cry and you can keep track of your baby’s sleep pattern with the event log.

contains a mix of exciting  white noise and soundsnot ad-free
classical music genres
free to use
cry sensor – automatically play white noise

Final Verdict

Do we recommend White Noise baby? One big YES. This app includes dozens of relaxing white noise sounds available to download for free. It is an automatic app that turns on when your baby starts crying.

📲Download here:

Android 🤖 White Noise Baby – Apps on Google Play

iOS 🍏 White Noise Baby – Apps on App Store

Best White Noise Apps for Babies

White noise apps and toys may help your baby get calm by turning on their calming reflex. But white noise doesn’t just help a fussy, cranky baby. White noise can also lull your little one to sleep by creating the coziest sleep environment. The white noise apps for baby increase sleepytime.

Factors To Consider When Choosing White Noise Apps And Toys for Baby

Not all white noise machines are the same. Consider these factors when choosing white noise apps for baby. 

Sound option

Sound options on white noise machines and apps are not the same. Some machines come with limited sound options whereas some can also play lullabies, classical music, and more. 

Beyond having the white noise, it is important to have other calming sound options for wind down time. 

So, the ideal white noise apps for baby should feature white noise and lullabies. 

Ease of use

For parents on the go, a white noise machine that is small, portable, and easy to use can work well. White noise machines are either battery-powered or plug-ins. 

Having battery-powered white noise apps and toys is a great option if you are planning to use white noise throughout your home, on trips outside, or in the car with your baby.

The best white noise apps and toys are the one that are rechargeable and portable so you can always have help at hand.


An auto timer allows your white noise machine to automatically turn off after a specified period of time, e.g. 15 minutes to 2 hours. 

Some white noise machines and apps also have a noise detector that starts playing white noise as soon as the baby starts to stir. 

For better functionality, you should look for white noise apps that include a timer.


Some white noise machines only play white noise. But every parent loves two-in-one help . 

A white noise app with extra features is a great combo for sleep-deprived mommies and daddies.

For instance:

Some of the best white noise apps for babies come with a nanny-cam with night vision to stealthy check on your little one without disturbing them. Motion detection to warn you if your baby wakes unexpectedly. Cry sensors that trigger white noise or your baby’s favourite lullaby when crying is detected. And, of course, battery alert to avoid the risk of running out of power in the middle of the night.


White noise apps and toys for baby is a wonderful tool to help babies get good and quality sleep. It is a safe and affordable option to give parents some peace of mind. Using a white noise app for baby or machines is one of the easiest ways to get babies to sleep faster and stay asleep for longer

The baby was used to hearing different sounds during their time in utero. white noise apps and toys for babies are designed to mimic the sounds of the tummy. And therefore are for baby natural way for babies to fall asleep.

The best white noise apps and toys for baby shortlisted by us:

  • Help to lull babies to sleep.
  • Assist them to stay asleep.
  • Covers outside distractions.
  • Masks background sounds like a barking dog, noisy tv, or honking cars on the road and more.
  • When a baby becomes used to white noise, it becomes a way of soothing whether you are at home, in the car, or out and about. 

Final Tip: Super Chill Nights With the Lullabies and White Noise From Annie Baby Monitor

If you’re looking for a way to get your baby to sleep quickly and for a long time, the Annie Baby Monitor app has your back!

It has a bunch of lullabies and white noises – over 15, to be exact!

You can choose the one that works best for your baby. Whether you want to soothe your baby with a classic nursery rhyme or the sound of ocean waves, Annie Baby Monitor has got you covered.

With the perfect lullaby, you can create a peaceful and restful environment to help your baby sleep soundly all night.

Get the Annie Baby Monitor and become a baby sleeper pro!

FAQ’s White Noise Apps And Toys for Baby

What is the best white noise?

The best kind of white noise is low pitch sounds. Experts recommend the sound of rain because it calms and soothes babies.

Are white noise apps safe for babies?

Yes, white noise apps are safe to use. But it is important to put white noise apps and toys at least 7 feet away from your baby on the lowest setting to avoid hearing damage.

What is the best app for white noise?

Thanks to thousands of satisfied parents, a summary table of white noise app and toy ratings, and the comparisons we’ve made in this article – The Annie Baby Monitor comes out as the best white noise apps for baby.
This white noise app for baby plays over 15 white noises and lullabies – from natural noises, household noises, and musical instruments to the sound of mom’s heart. Also contains festive songs transformed into lullabies. You can also put your baby back to zzz’s with your voice by talking through the app.

What color noise is best for a baby?

The best color noise for babies is white noise. White noise covers all frequencies and successfully masks off all background sounds making it the best sleep aid. It calms babies, makes them slip into the land of nod more easily. However, pink noise keeps babies asleep.

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