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Turn Your Phone Into a Baby Monitor

April 29, 2021 3:30 am

Published by Dominika


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How to save your money and at the same time have a baby monitor you can rely on? If you have two phone devices you have you baby monitor.

Annie baby monitor connects any combination of iPhone, iPad or Apple watch to create a baby monitor system with both audio and video capabilities. Annie also offers motion detection – What it is? Just check this >> article <<.

Want reassurance that your baby is safe and sound in the crib? Look no further than your smartphone or watch. Thanks to Annie Baby Monitor, your trusty mobile can easily double as a baby monitor. It’s comfortable, you can use your mobile to keep an eye on the one you love the most – your child.

This phone-based monitor has many benefits, mainly check in on your little miracle anywhere, at any time. And setup is a easier than easy, even for sleep-deprived new moms and dads.

The Benefits:

Multi-child & multi-parent

  • Both parents can watch their baby simultaneously on a limitless number of devices. And what is more, they can monitor up to four children at the same time! It doesn’t matter how big your family is. Our app can handle it.

Easy to use

  • Easy use is a priority for us, so we bring settings that really everyone can handle. Waveform and activity log right away on the home screen helps you to keep an eye on your baby. With just one glance at your phone’s display.

Baby soothing

  • You can easily talk to your baby by pressing the mike button. The Annie Baby Monitor never lets your baby feel alone. Just press the microphone button and you can immediately talk, sing or whatever to your baby.

Battery alert

  • Stay informed about the battery status on the child device. Always be alerted when the battery level drops below 10 % or individually set a value to ensure its well-timed charging.

Unlimited reach

  • Our babysitter will not be stopped by the distance. All you need is an internet connection. Monitor your baby from wherever you go. Distance doesn’t matter when there is Wi-Fi, 3G or LTE network available.

Secure & reliable

  • The security of our little ones is our top priority. All communication between the child and the parent device is securely encrypted.

Some parents may be wary of streaming what goes on in the nursery, especially in light of recent news stories about hacked baby monitors. Rest assured that, though the thought is scary, the chances of it happening to you are relatively low. Mainly because the security of your little ones is our top priority. All communication between the child and the parent device is securely encrypted.

How to Turn Your Smartphone Into a Baby Monitor

Dust off an old smart phone that you have lying around – you’ll need two phones to pull this off. The good news is that you won’t have to pay to use your old phone since you only need Internet access and it should work on the same Wi-Fi network you use with your current phone.

Download the Annie Baby Monitor onto both phones. Set up one in the nursery room and point the camera at the crib. The key thing is putting the phone far enough to see your baby but not too far away as to not be able to tell what’s going on. Don’t forget to check that it’s connected to your Wi-Fi network and plugged into an outlet. This phone will be your baby monitor, the other (your mobile) will be the parent unit.

And WHY choose Annie Baby Monitor?

1. A great childcare supplement

Babysitters apps have been standard for some time. But the Annie Baby Monitor on watch brings innovation in the field of child care. You can watch your baby continuously in all circumstances. It’s easy like checking the time.

2. Both hands free – Apple Watch

If the parent unit is located in the watch, you can easily get used to it, you always have it at sight and you don’t have to carry anything anywhere. You can easily move around the apartment or house without losing track of what’s going on in the children’s room.

3. Simple display

The display is easy to use. Whether your baby is asleep or crying, you see everything you need and more thanks to motion detection.

More about Annie Baby Monitor:

How to set this app, how to set the plus features, and others tips…


All Baby Monitor Baby Sleep For Dads For Moms

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