Keeping Baby Cool in Summer

7 Useful HACKS to Keeping Baby Cool in Summer

Summer is coming.

If you have a newborn you are probably worried about the heat and how it could affect your baby.

Newborns can’t regulate their core temperatures as well as older kids and adults. They cannot sweat, which is how the body of an adult cools itself. Also, their skin is fresh and will burn easily.

These are all reasons why babies are more susceptible to heat exhaustion and heatstroke.

How can you protect your child by keeping your baby cool in summer?

keeping baby cool in summer

Stay in shade

Keep baby out of direct sunlight as much as possible. The skin of a newborn is very sensitive to direct sunlight. Laso, babies can’t regulate their core temperature so staying away from direct sunlight is very important.

If you are walking around make sure to use the cover on your stroller to protect your baby from the bright rays of the sun.

Choose the right clothes

Clothes or no clothes? You might think you are doing your baby a favor by not putting any extra layers on her, but some light clothes will help zo protect your baby’s sensitive skin from direct sunlight.

Cool, dry, breathable, light-colored clothing is best for hot summer days. Cotton is a great material to wear, as it absorbs perspiration better than synthetic fabrics.

Wear a brimmed hat

A summer must-have. A brimmed hat will protect your baby’s head and face from overheating. It will also help them to see better, as the sun won’t shine directly into their eyes.

Water, water, water

Drink a lot of water. An important piece of advice for both you, and your child. Newborn babies under 6 months that can’t drink plain water just yet will need to feed more often.

A flushed face, skin that’s warm to the touch, rapid breathing, and restlessness may be warning signs of dehydration.

Always keep a water bottle with you when you go outside. You can also pour a bit of fresh cool water on a cloth and gently dab the body of your newborn to keep him cool.

Plan your time outside

The hottest part of the day is between 10 am and 3 pm. Make sure to stay inside or in a very cool shadow for this period of time. Why don’t you take a page from the Spanish book and have a siesta after lunch? Both you and your baby can have an afternoon nap and go back outside once it is moderately cool again.

Wear sunscreen

Even if you stay in shade and put a light layer of clothing on your baby it is still better to apply a bit of sunscreen, too. You are never too careful with their fresh and delicate skin. Apply one layer in the morning and reapply it during the whole day based on the brand’s labeling recommendations.

Chill in a kiddie pool

Who doesn’t love to chill in a water pool during those hot summer days? Babies enjoy it too. This is a great way to reduce their body temperature. Just make sure they don’t stay for too long (10 – 30 minutes is ideal) so they don’t get too cold.

The best water temperature for newborns is 86 – 90 degrees Fahrenheit (30 – 32 degrees Celsius). For babies older than 6 months, standard pool temperature is fine.

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