How To Lose Weight After Pregnancy tips

How To Lose Weight After Pregnancy

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You are not the only new mom wondering how to lose weight after pregnancy. We have just the right tips on how to lose weight after pregnancy. Motherhood is an important time with a lot of changes.

These changes include your body gaining some extra weight. Which is popularly termed the ‘baby weight.’ And like every mother after childbirth, you want some guidance. We are here to help. 

When Can I Start Exercising After Childbirth?

Experts recommend that you can resume light activities such as walking and pelvic strengthening exercises a few days after delivery. If you had a vaginal delivery with no complications. You should wait at least twelve weeks before resuming intense workout routines. You should speak with your doctor if you had a cesarean section or any complications during your pregnancy.  

Does Exercising Affect Breastfeeding? 

Exercising does not affect your ability to breastfeed, your breast milk supply and nutrients. As a new mom it is best for your body that you take on light and moderate exercise routines. Although intense exercise routines have been discovered to cause the buildup of lactic acid. There is no evidence to indicate that the buildup of lactic acid in breast milk is dangerous to your baby. 

How To Lose Weight After Pregnancy Annie Baby Monitor

Tips On How To Lose Weight After Pregnancy

1. Patient Mothers Get Better Results

Of course, you are eager to get your old body back. To be in shape. And you are in need of the quickest way to lose weight. But you need to understand that it took you nine months to get here. And it is only deserving that you are patient with your body.

Give it the time needed to recover steadily and naturally. Impatience can trick you into taking decisions that are not in your best interest. And prevent you from getting lasting results. Since achieving lasting results is your goal this tip plays an important role in how you lose weight after pregnancy. 

2. Be Active 

Remaining active can help you lose weight after your pregnancy while breastfeeding. Engaging yourself with activities is one of the various ways on how to lose weight after pregnancy. You can start a few days after your delivery by taking a walk around the house. After consulting with your doctor, you can resume exercise routines approved by your doctor. Exercise is a good way to stay fit and healthy. It also helps you as a new mom to recover better and sooner. You should pay attention to your body while doing this. And if there’s any feeling of discomfort, you should rest and try again when your body is ready.

3. Eat Healthier, Not Lesser

As a new mom your body needs every nutrient not just for you but also your baby. So instead of skipping meals or reducing your food portions to closely nothing. Here are some tips to help you eat healthy while trying to lose weight:

  • Do not attempt skipping meals as this does not help your body maintain the progress made with weight loss as you are likely to regain it almost immediately. 
  • Getting intentional about the content of your meal instead of going on an extreme diet plan, can help you lose weight after your pregnancy at a steady and healthy pace. A good start will include eating more fruits and vegetables plain, making smoothies, and going for meals that are high in fiber. You can also include the right fat into your meals such as avocados, olives, salmon, nuts and seeds.
  • Including Protein such as eggs, lentils, beans, and light cuts of chicken into your diet is also a great and healthy way to lose weight after having your baby as this helps to improve metabolism and moderate your appetite. 
  • Speaking with a dietician will help to guide you toward making the right decisions if you want to lose weight naturally after your pregnancy.

4. Remain Hydrated Always 

Remaining hydrated is one important tip towards losing weight after pregnancy. As a new mom, it is easy to get carried away with various new activities and responsibilities that you forget to stay hydrated. Not taking enough water can be dangerous to your health and your baby. Dehydration can lead to fatigue, nausea, headache, dry lips, little supply of breast milk and more.

The importance of staying hydrated as a new mom cannot be over-emphasized. As it helps the digestion process that goes on in your system, aids metabolism, and also keeps you refreshed.  This in turn helps your body get rid of the excess fluid it has accumulated during your pregnancy. Which can help you lose the extra weight after your pregnancy. 

5. Sleep, Sleep, and More Sleep

The arrival of your baby can cause a change in your sleep pattern. And you just might be too distracted with everything you have to do that you forget to take a good amount of time to rest. Getting good sleep as a new mom is very important for your health, your baby, and how you lose weight naturally after your pregnancy.

Lack of sleep can cause you to suffer insomnia, fatigue, depression, anxiety, moodiness and an increased stress level. Which in turn causes your body to retain some of the extra weight you seek to get rid of. Good sleep is important if you want to lose weight after your pregnancy. 

6. Stressing is a big no no    

You may have questions such as: Why can’t I lose weight after having a baby? or Can I get thinner after pregnancy than before? And this may come when you are trying but not getting the desired results.

Avoiding stressful activities as a new mom is very important to help you lose weight the right way.

It is also important for your health and your baby that you do not get stressed out. The body produces more of the hormone known as cortisol. And this prevents the body from losing weight as this hormone promotes body fat.

Getting all the help you need. Being deliberate about your rest schedule. And engaging in relaxing activities such as meditation, and listening to relaxing music. It’ll help your body relax which in turn helps you lose weight at the right pace after your pregnancy.           

Exercises For New Moms After Pregnancy

1. Walking

This may seem basic. But a few days after your delivery, taking little walks can help you. Get started toward returning to your regular exercise routines. It can also help you heal quicker while burning a few calories. You can try walking backward or even doing it in a zigzag pattern to fully engage your muscles. Remember to pay attention to your body. And if you feel any pain, you should stop and give your body more time to heal.  

2. Deep Breathing

Lie on your back and take deep breaths to exercise your core while relaxing. Hands by your side. Take in air to fill your belly. Hold it in for a few seconds and release it all out while pressing your back against the floor. This is one exercise to ease you into being active.   

3. Kegel Exercise 

The goal for this exercise is to strengthen your pelvic muscles. You can do this by squeezing the muscles around your pelvis. Hold on the count of 1-5 and doing it 5-10 times. It would seem like you are trying to hold in urine or poop. While urinating, you can try controlling your muscles to make it stop at intervals. This exercise can be done several times in a day. This exercise is very flexible and can be done anytime with no one knowing. Especially when you are in a public space. 

4. The Bridge

You start by lying on the floor. Bend your knee with your feet sticking on the floor. Then you tilt your pelvis upward which forms a straight line from your knee to your shoulder. While tilting, you can squeeze your booty which helps to stretch your hip. You can hold this position for 1-5 seconds and gently lower yourself to the ground. 

5. Squats

Be sure to have something you can hold on to for support while keeping your feet apart. Gently squat by lowering yourself from your hip and knee. At the same time keep your spine and chest straight and your heels glued to the ground. Returning up, squeeze your butt muscles and repeat a couple of times while paying attention to your body. 

6. Leg Lifts 

You start by kneeling and placing your hands on the floor. Put your hip and shoulder above your knees and hands. Then you raise one leg up and extend it to the back. Hold for 5 seconds and repeat it with the other leg. You can also do this lying on your back while breathing in and out gently as you raise your legs. 

Other exercises you can take on after your body is fully recovered include: Planks, Sit-ups, Wall Pushups, Jogging, Skipping, Deadlifts, Leg Holds, Elbow to Knee Crunches, Bending, Seated Knee Tucks, Back Extension, Mountain Climbers and lots more.

Videos to Help Guide You Lose Weight After Pregnancy


The most important thing how to lose weight after your pregnancy is to be patient with your body. Don’t forget to speak to your doctor to get the best guide. Remember to pay attention to your body and take it at a gentle pace.

Frequently Asked Question  

1. Is it harder to lose weight after having a baby?

There is no study showing conclusively that losing weight after pregnancy is harder. While some mothers lose weight almost immediately, others take longer before shedding the weight. Health conditions such as diabetes, postpartum depression, etc can make losing weight after your pregnancy harder. 

2. How long does pregnancy weight take to lose?

It takes about six months to one year for you to lose the pregnancy/baby weight.

3. How do I make my tummy flat after delivery?

A healthy diet and good exercise approved by your doctor can help you achieve getting your tummy flat after delivery.  

4. Can you get skinnier after pregnancy?

Yes, it is possible to get skinnier after pregnancy. And it is important that you speak to your doctor about doing it the healthy way.

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